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February 19, 2013

Upchurch wins state rep. seat

2-20-13 —   Ken Upchurch won the special election on Tuesday, February 12 for  52nd District State Representative. Upchurch, a republican, defeated  political newcomer Harvey Shearer, a democrat, by a total of 513  

votes district wide.

    The 52nd District includes Wayne County, McCreary County and a small  

portion of Pulaski County. The seat was vacated in early January, as  

the two-year term began, when Sara Beth Gregory was sworn in as the  

16th District State Senator.

    Gregory won a special election held in December for state senator,  

following the resignation of David Williams.

    Both Upchurch and Shearer reside in Wayne County, where about 14  

percent of the registered votes went to the polls for the special  

election. That turnout is a little better than local election  

officials predicted, and is relatively the same as the turnout for  

the special election held in December for the 16th District  

Senatorial seat.

    It was a much closer race in Wayne County. Upchurch received a total  

of 984 votes, compared to 967 votes for Shearer in the special  

election. A recapitulation sheet, showing precinct by precinct  

results for the county is included on page 13-A in this edition of  

The Outlook.

    "I am both pleased and honored to be going back to Frankfort,"  

stated Upchurch. "I go back with a little different perspective now.  

Things in my life have changed over the past couple of years, and I  

have a new perspective as far as dealing with legislation in Frankfort."

    Upchurch noted that he becomes the 45th republican member of the  

State House, a number that has not been reached in that legislative  

body since 1920. Another historical note, this is the first time in  

the history of the county that a state senator and a state  

representative, who are Wayne County residents, are serving in  

Frankfort together.

    Upchurch was sworn into office on Tuesday, February 19. There are 16  

days left of the 30-day legislative session, and as he noted, there  

is a lot of work to be done in Frankfort.

    Legislators are dealing with some complicated issues, like tax  

reform, pension reform and redistricting. State leaders have  

indicated that there may be a special session needed this year in  

order to handle some of the issues facing Kentucky.

    Upchurch will complete the two-year term that began in January. He  

will serve as 52nd District State Representative through December 2014.

    "I always enjoyed it and took pride in what I was able to  

accomplish," said Upchurch. "I am looking forward to going back and  

seeing what else we can accomplish."

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