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November 9, 2010

City Council members agree to sell property to Kentucky Highlands

11-17-10 —    Monticello City Council met Monday evening and agreed to sell a  piece of property to Kentucky Highlands as the next step in the  project that could mean new manufacturing prospects for struggling  

houseboat factories.

    The property will be used as the location for one of the three  energy-efficient modular homes that will be manufactured at Stardust  

Cruisers in Monticello. Tom Manning-Beavin, who is the Director of  Housing for Kentucky Highlands, addressed the council Monday night  

regarding this project, which he said could help bring employment  back to the houseboat manufacturing sector.

    The council met in executive session to discuss the possible sell of  real estate and upon returning to open session agreed to sale a  

narrow strip of property at the corner of Rankin Street and Ridgewood  Avenue to Kentucky Highlands at a cost of $3,500.

    The property is currently being used by the Monticello Utility  

Commission to store pipe.

    Mayor Kenneth Catron noted that this will be the location for the  

first modular home, which can be built as soon as financing becomes  

available. The homes, which were designed by the University of  

Kentucky, are unique in their design because of their energy efficiency.

    Catron noted that the design team said that the electric bill for  

this type of residence will be about $1.55 per day.

    There is a plan to manufacture three of the modular homes at  Stardust Cruisers. One will go to Whitley County when completed.  

Another is planned for the same site at the corner of Rankin Street  and Ridgewood Avenue in Monticello.

    In his report to the council, Catron noted that city officials are  currently working on scheduling leaf pickup days for the city and  those plans will be announced as soon as they are completed. He also  

pointed out that the new traffic signals in downtown Monticello will  be turned on Wednesday.



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