"This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine." With those

words, Governor Ernie Fletcher's rally with local voters ended last

Wednesday afternoon. Wayne County Republicans joined in the chorus, after

spending nearly an hour with Fletcher and his running mate Robbie Rudolph in

the large shelter house at Memorial Park.

Fletcher made several stops throughout the area, with just days left in

his 2007 campaign for re-election. He told local voters why he should be

re-elected and spend another four years at the helm of government in


He cited the efficiency of his administration, which shrunk the size of

government and allowed surplus monies to be reinvested in communities.

Fletcher recently announced that Wayne County and Monticello will receive an

additional $650,000 for blacktopping projects.

Fletcher pledged to continue to "invest in our people." He noted that he

will make sure that every child in this state can afford to get a college


He addressed his opponent Steve Beshears' position on casino gambling.

"You can't build an economy asking you to lose," said Fletcher. "Casino

gambling is not what Kentucky needs."

Fletcher urged that everyone contact friends and have those friends

contact others and get them out to vote on November 6.

"Elections are important. They matter," said Fletcher.

Rudolph, who is currently serving as Secretary of Finance for Fletcher's

administration, also addressed the crowd. Fletcher was introduced by Senator

David Williams.

"This governor deserves to be re-elected," said Williams. "No governor

since Louie Nunn has been as good to South Central Kentucky as Ernie


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