Several maintenance issues were discussed during a meeting of the Monticello Utility Commission, held on Friday, July 6.

    Board members learned more about the resurfacing that is scheduled 
for the parking lot at the MUC building on North Main Street. MUC 
Manager Scott Upchurch said the company that will do the work has 
asked that the parking lot be washed prior to resurfacing.
    He said they are working with the Monticello Fire Department to get 
that work completed before the project begins.
    Upchurch also discussed some upcoming tank maintenance for the 
system, including the tank on Morris Hill. He said they have received 
a quote for maintenance work on that tank, but they will bring the 
issue back before the board before a final decision is made.
    He added that the tank at Murl also needs cleaning.
    The Monticello Utility Commission will use a new lab that has opened 
at Columbia for testing services. Normally when there is a problem 
and a boil water advisory has been issued, samples are taken to 
Lexington, explained Upchurch.
    With this new lab open now, that will cut down the time, as well as 
the drive for anyone who has to transport a test sample.
    The process to secure easements for the West Monticello Sewer 
Project is underway, according to Upchurch. He said one property 
owner has signed an easement and several others have stopped by to 
view project maps and other information.
    He indicated that he wanted property owners to be as informed as possible in regard to the projects and the required easements.

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