Two Wayne County men were arrested on Sunday, June 24, after 300 
feet of telephone cable that was allegedly cut and stolen from 
Windstream was found in the bed of a pickup truck.
    Derek Smith, 34, and Larry Pyles, 29, were arrested and charged with 
theft by unlawful taking $500 or more and criminal trespassing.
    Kentucky State Police Trooper Matt Parmley was investigating a 
suspicious vehicle complaint at 1:30 p.m. when he located a vehicle 
matching that description. He made a traffic stop and found the phone 
cable, which was about an inch in diameter, in the bed of the truck.
    According to Parmley, it was Windstream phone cable that was not in 
use, but had been removed from the vicinity of Sexton Road off 
Highway 200. Parmley stated that the cable was close enough to the 
ground that the two men could reach up and cut it down.
    Cutters were retrieved from the vehicle and the phone cable was 
confiscated, according to Parmley.
    Officials allege that Smith and Pyles had tried to cut down another 
section of active phone cable, but were unable to cut through the 
steel. The action caused disruption of service to several Windstream 
customers in the vicinity of Highway 200, Furnace Mountain Road and 
the Flat Springs area.
    Crews had to replace that section of the cable, which was estimated 
to cost $4,000 to $5,000.

    Both men were lodged in the Wayne County Detention Center.

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