When local resident Trenton Vincent helped rescue an injured boater on

Lake Cumberland, he had no idea that his act would earn him the honor of

being the first Wayne County Captain commissioned by Wayne County

Judge-Executive Greg Rankin.

Vincent reacted out of instinct‹he saw a man flagging him down and

realized that he was holding onto the arm of someone in the water. Vincent

dove into the water and discovered that a woman had been trapped by the

propeller of the boat. He did what he needed to do to free the woman and

then drove the couple's boat into the marina so the man could stay in the

back and help the victim.

Once they got to the marina Vincent stepped aside to let emergency

personnel assist the couple. He was just grateful that he came along at the

right time and was able to help, and did not expect anything in return.

Vincent put someone else before himself and that made him the perfect

candidate to be commissioned as the charter member of the Wayne County

Captains, according to County Judge-Executive Greg Rankin.

Individuals considered for the Wayne County Captains Program must put

the community above themselves and go out of their way for others. In fact,

the sole reason Rankin established the Wayne County Captains Program was to

honor those individuals who place others above themselves and expect nothing

in return.

Rankin noted that he and his staff had thought about establishing a

program to honor distinguished Wayne Countians who put others before

themselves. They wanted the program to be based on the Kentucky Colonels,

but they wanted it to be unique to Wayne County. They tossed around some

ideas but they did not act on idea at the time. However, when Rankin

received a call from Gary Collett explaining what Trenton Vincent had done

for his girlfriend during Memorial Day weekend, he knew that he wanted to

honor Vincent for his selfless act.

Rankin decided that it was time to do more than just think about

establishing a program to honor individuals in Wayne County who put others

before self‹it was time to put the plan in action. He and his staff

developed the Wayne County Captain requirements, which spell out the

criteria for being commissioned into the program. The program has only four


1. Only the sitting Wayne County Judge-Executive can commission a Wayne

County Captain.

2. The reason for bestowing the honor of Wayne County Captain on a

particular individual is for strength of character, leadership and

dedication to the welfare of others. A Captain must show the ability to

place others above themselves.

3. For an individual to be commissioned a Wayne County Captain, an

applicant must be recommended by an individual that holds a Captain's

Commission. An individual may be commissioned a Wayne County Captain

without a recommendation at the discretion of the sitting County


4. The Honorable Order of Wayne County Captains is a group with the

purpose of aiding and promoting the County and Wayne and its citizens.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Judge's Office at 109

N. Main St., Monticello, KY 42633 or calling (606) 348-4241.

After establishing the Honorable Order of Wayne County Captains with

these requirements, Shannon Hutchinson and Peggy Edwards worked on the

design for the program, according to Rankin. When the groundwork was

complete, the Wayne County Captains Program was initiated. The only thing

left to do was start commissioning members into this elite program.

Attention was once again turned to Vincent.

"This was just a really good time to start, with the way everything came

up and especially with him and what he did," stated Rankin, as he talked

about the decision to establish the program.

It is because Trenton Vincent met the requirements set forth for the

program that Wayne County Judge-Executive Greg Rankin commissioned him as a

Wayne County Captain, making him the charter member of this program. Rankin

presented Vincent with a plaque recognizing his Captain status.

"This is a good way to honor someone who has done something really good

for the community or...put the community above themselves," Rankin

commented. He added that when he considers someone for the Wayne County

Captains Program he wants to find individuals who have really given to the

community and done way beyond what they needed to do for the community.

Vincent will be the sole Wayne County Captain for a while, but Rankin

will take nominations for the next individuals to be added to this group.

The program is open to anyone in any field, whether it be a civic

organization or a church or a businessperson. Captain status may be given to

anyone in any field at the Judge-Executive's discretion as long as that

person put the community above himself or herself. Rankin noted that the

first class of Captains will set the standards for those that will be

commissioned later. Individuals who would like to nominate someone for the

Wayne County Captains Program may call the Judge's office at (606) 348-4241.

Rankin noted that he and his staff hope that this will become a very

nice honor: "We want it to be something that actually means something for

people who deserve it."

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