Wayne County High School 2018 graduating senior Breanna Tuggle 
recently signed with the Campbellsville University Tigers Archery 
Team, which will provide a partial scholarship added to a performance 
grant. The coed team is fairly young at the private Christian school 
located in Campbellsville, Ky.
    Breanna, the daughter of Roseanna and Nathaniel Tuggle, plans to 
major in accounting since math is her strongest subject. The honor 
roll student has already taken a dual credit math course through 
Campbellsville, as well as being MOS Certified (various computer 
software programs) through Somerset Community College.
    "I'm so ready to go to school," said Breanna, who was involved in 
FBLA for four years and participated in BETA her freshman and 
sophomore years at Wayne County High School.
    "I like competition, but I don't care for hunting," said Breanna. 
She has been involved in school archery since fifth grade. She 
started 4-H Archery in seventh grade.
    "Breanna is very responsible and is easy to coach," said Wayne 
County Archery Coach Forrest Shelton. "She works hard and gets along 
with everyone. I have known her a long time. She is like another 
daughter to me. Breanna is always ready to help the other kids, also."
    "I really appreciated my coaches. They've helped me along the way," 
said Breanna. "My family took me to my practices and bought all my 
stuff. They've supported me at competitions."
    Archery is just a close-knit group, according to Breanna.
    Her new college coach appreciates her outgoing personality and her 
excellent shooting ability.
    "She will be a good student athlete at Campbellsville, but the 
priority is to get the best education possible and we will have fun 
shooting arrows as we go along," said Head Archery Coach Shawn Canada.
    Coach Canada is impressed with Wayne County's Archery Program and 
hopes to grow his program as much as possible so he can recruit some 
more Wayne County students in the future.
    Before heading to college, Breanna is working part time at Save-A-Lot grocery store.

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