The budget for the 2019-2020 for the City of Monticello is similar to the one that they are currently operating under.

The council heard the first reading of the budget amendment during a meeting held Monday evening, and reviewed appropriations that include no new projects.
The budget, which totals $2.6 million in the general fund, also does not include any type of pay increase for city employees. Mayor Tracie Sexton addressed that issue during the meeting, noting the funds are not available for a cost of living pay raise at this time.
Projects listed in the proposal are those that are carried forward from the previous year, and they include the West Monti-cello Sewer Project, which will be funded through a combination of grant and Rural Development loan funds.
The budget does include the $712,000 grant recently awarded for the sewer project on West KY 90 to American Wood-mark.
The ordinance includes the T21 sidewalk project, which has been funded for the past several years and money carried forward from the streetscape project.
Since this was the first reading of the budget, it did not require any action by the council. It will take a second reading and approval by the council at their meeting in June.
The council approved a resolution that will allow some older utility bonds to be refinanced at a lower rate. The action had already received approval by the Monticello Utility Commission.
By refinancing the bonds at a lower interest rate, MUC Manager Scott Upchurch said that the utility company would realize a savings of approximately $433,000 over the life of their issue.
The council also approved a resolution that will allow the Monticello Police Department to apply for a Homeland Security grant. Chief Joe Bybee noted that the grant money, if funded, will be used to purchase ammunition for officers to utilize for training.
CPA Barry Daulton reviewed the audit for fiscal year 2018 with the council. Daulton noted that the city received an "unmodified opinion" which is the highest opinion that can be issued.
He said this is a clean audit and there were no issues or deficiencies.
In other action, the council:
• Approved the appointment of council member Cody Dishman to the Parks and Recreation Committee, filling the vacancy left by Scott Flynn's resignation.
• Heard the first reading of an ordinance amending the budget for the current fiscal year.

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