Tax rates for 2019 were set by the Wayne County Library Board, 
during a meeting held Wednesday, July 17. The real property tax rate 
was set at 9.1 cents per $100 of assessed value, which is the same as 
last year.
    Librarian Anne Garner presented the tax rates to board members and 
recommended that they adopt the compensating rate, which would 
generate basically the same amount of tax dollars as last year. While 
the real property rate will not change, there is a slight change in 
the rate for personal property.
    Under the compensating rate it will increase from 9.43 cents last 
year to 10.12 cents per hundred dollars assessed value in 2019. The 
board voted to keep the tax rate for motor vehicles and watercraft at 
3.93 cents per hundred dollars of assessed value.
    The new regional library consultant, Melissa Boulton, attended the 
meeting and introduced herself to board members. Boulton was recently 
hired to represent the central region of libraries, which includes 30 
    Also during the meeting, the board approved the reinvestment of a 
$254,000 CD for a one year period with First Southern National Bank, 
which had proposed paying the highest rate at 2.02 percent.
    Garner added that she is still waiting to hear information about how 
much the board needs to pay on the loan principal for the new 
building to reduce the length of payments on the debt. She said their 
financial advisor is still gathering information.
    Garner updated board members regarding the issues that they have had 
with insulation at the facility. Insulation was not installed as 
specified during construction and that caused a significant water 
issue at the library. She noted that she has received a bid of 
approximately $3,400 to have additional insulation blown into areas 
that have significant deficits.
    Garner also distributed information to the board regarding a DNA 
program that will be presented at the library on August 6. The free 
program will help participants find out which DNA test is best suited 
to them.
    Bridget Striker from the Boone County Public Library will provide an 
overview and analysis of the four most popular DNA testing companies. 
The program is free to attend and will begin at 5 p.m. For more 
information, contact the library.
    In other action, the board:
    • Agreed to change Saturday hours at the library to 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.
    • Started gathering names to submit for the two board openings that 
will occur in November.

    • Reviewed the circulation report for June.

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