The Wayne County wrestling team traveled to Seymour, Tennessee on  

Saturday, December 10 to compete in the Eagle Duals. The tournament  

featured 16 teams from three states: Kentucky, Virginia and  

Tennessee. Teams were: Heritage, Powell, Sevier County, Farragut,  

Stone Memorial, Halls, William Blount, Patrick Henry (Va.), South  

Doyle, Cocke County, Memphis Cordova, Webb, Wayne County, X Team,  

Karns and Seymour.

    The tournament was divided into four team pools of four. The winners  

of the pools wrestled each other in the semi-finals, with winners  

meeting in the finals.

    Wayne County's pool included Team X, Karns and Seymour. The Mat  

Cardinals defeated Team X 65-12, Karns 66-12 and Seymour 47-36 to  

advance to the semi-finals against the 2010 defending champions,  

Stone Memorial. The Mat Cards defeated Stone Memorial 42-35 to  

advance to the finals of the tournament.

    The finals saw Wayne County meet Memphis Cordova. The dual saw Wayne  

County give up several falls to Cordova to lose 48-30. Coach Danny  

Upchurch stated, "We must be more physical against top teams and not  

give up the pins. The Mat Cardinals are still without two weight  

classes due to injury and wrestlers not being able to be at their  

weight class until after Christmas."

    The Mat Cardinals will be back in action on Saturday, December 17  

when they travel to Science Hill High School in Johnson City,  

Tennessee. The tournament will feature teams from Tennessee, South  

Carolina, West Virginia and Kentucky. Starting time is 9 a.m. at  

Science Hill High School.

    The following are results and winners in each dual meet from  

Saturday at Seymour High School.    

Wayne County 65,

Team X 12

    132 lb., double forfeit

    138 lb., (X) Dakota Mcadoo, fall :36, Harris Dix (WC)

    145 lb., (WC) Pedro Ruiz, fall 2:36, Luke McCarthy (X)

    152 lb. (WC) Devin Morrow, fall :56, Dakota Lydell (X)

    160 lb. (WC) Tyler Simpson, fall 1:43, Grant Drinnon (X)

    170 lb. (WC) Casey Mink, fall 3:06, Joseph Goueler (X)

    182 lb. (X) Donovon Sharpe, forfeit

    195 lb. (WC) Rodney Rednour, won by forfeit

    220 lb. (WC) Zach Troxell, fall :27, John Coaleau (X)

    285 lb. (WC) John Guffey, fall :39, Tim Mahur (X)

    106 lb. (WC) Cecil Nevels, T fall 16-1, Cameron Velchur (X)

    113 lb. (WC) JD Criswell, fall 1:42, Justin Kitts (X)

    120 lb. (WC) Austin Dobbs, fall :53, Tyler Davis (X)

    126 lb. (WC) Zach Bybee, fall :37, Shane Cool (X)    

Wayne County 66,

Karns 12

    138 lb. (WC) Pedro Ruiz, full :41, Trevin Schafer (K)

    145 lb. (K) Denton Bennett, forfeit

    152 lb. (WC) Devin Morrow, fall 1:15, Deantee Whited (K)

    160 lb. (WC) Tyler Simpson, forfeit

    170 lb., double forfeit

    182 lb. (WC) Casey Mink, fall :54, Tanner Williams (K)

    195 lb. (WC) Rodney Rednour, fall :48, Dillon Smith (K)

    220 lb. (WC) Zach Troxell, fall :07, Dustin Kinsey (K)

    285 lb. (K) Chris Myers, fall 5:08, John Guffey (WC)

    106 lb. (WC) Cecil Nevels, fall :20, Kaman (Quinney (K)

    113 lb. (WC) JD Criswell, forfeit

    120 lb. (WC) Austin Dobbs, fall 1:03, Anthony Bennett (K)

    126 lb. (WC) Zach Bybee, fall :18, Keefill Quinney (K)

    132 lb. (WC) Harris Dix, fall 1:27, Tyler Davis (K)


Wayne County 47, Seymour 36

    145 lb. (S) Trent Williams, forfeit

    152 lb. (WC) Devin Morrow, fall 1:22, Joey Ward (S)

    160 lb. (WC) Tyler Simpson, fall 1:15, David Hamilton (S)

    170 lb. (S) Brandon Hawker, forfeit

    182 lb. (WC) Casey Mink, fall 1:38, Jacob Loveday (S)

    195 lb. (WC) Rodney Rednour, forfeit

    220 lb. (WC) Zach Troxell, fall 1:59, Dillion Baldwin (S)

    285 lb. (S) Drew Cannon, fall 1:43, John Guffey (WC)

    106 lb. (WC) Cameron Nevels, fall 1:23, Chris Poore (S)

    113 lb. (WC) Cecil Nevels, fall :20, Kevin Lambson (S)

    120 lb. (WC) Austin Dobbs, fall :42, Matthew Gallaspy (S)

    126 lb. (S) Chris Hinshaw, fall :32, Zach Bybee (WC)

    132 lb. (S) Mattew Gallaspy, fall 2:52, Harris Dix (WC)

    138 lb. (S) William Stooksbury, fall 5:01, Pedro Ruiz (WC)



Wayne County 42,

Stone Memorial 35

    152 lb. (WC) Devin Morrow, dec. 7-5, Matthew McCarty (SM)

    160 lb. (WC) Tyler Simpson, fall :33, John McCarty (SM)

    170 lb. (SM) Bryant Poe, forfeit

    182 lb. (WC) Casey Mink, T-fall 15-0, Caleb Farmer (SM)

    195  lb. (SM) John Adams, T-fall 19-4, Rodney Rednour (WC)

    220 lb. (WC) Zach Troxell, fall :40, Craig Moore (SM)

    285 lb. (SM) Gordon Vanhoy, fall 1:52, John Guffey (WC)

    106 lb. (WC) Cecil Nevels, fall :36, Cody McCarl (SM)

    113 lb. (WC) JD Criswell, fall :23, Tony Starkes (SM)

    120 lb. (WC) Austin Dobbs, fall :58, Mason Morales (SM)

    126 lb. (WC) Zach Bybee, M-Dec. 14-2, Jacob Davis (SM)

    132 lb. (SM) Joseph Giattino, fall 1:09, Harris Dix (WC)

    138 lb. (SM) Cody Caruthers, forfeit

    145 lb. (SM) Darren Rosser, fall 5:13, Pedro Ruiz (WC)



Wayne County 30, Memphis Cordova 48

    160 lb. (MC) Reginald Adams, M-Dec. 12-2, Tyler Simpson (WC)

    170 lb. (WC) Casey Mink, fall 2:50

    182 lb. (MC) Dreguan Adams, forfeit

    195 lb. (MC) Jordon Davis, M-Dec. 14-2, Rodney Rednour (WC)

    220 lb. (WC) Zach Troxell, fall 3:46, Jordan Greene (MC)

    285 lb. (MC) DeMartous Ellis, fall :28, John Guffey (WC)

    106 lb. (WC) Cecil Nevels, fall :59, Nathan Carter (MC)

    113 lb. (WC) JD Criswell, fall :23, Nicholas Carter (MC)

    120 lb. (WC) Austin Dobbs, fall 1:01, Brandon Bond (MC)

    126 lb. (MC) Bryan Smith, forfeit

    132 lb. (MC) Evans Duvall, fall :49, Zach Bybee (WC)

    138 lb. (MC) Hassain Dawney, fall 1:04, Harris Dix (WC)

    145 lb. (MC) Chris Potter, fall 2:23, Pedro Ruiz (WC)

    152 lb. (MC) Derrick Mays, M-Dec. 14-4, Devin Morrow (WC)


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