This weekend is expected to be a busy one as the annual Raft Up 
event is set for Lake Cumberland.
    While everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy the event, law 
enforcement will be stepping up patrols on the water.
    Although Raft Up is slated as a "family friendly event," over the 
past few years, some visitors to the area consider it an opportune 
time to make money by selling drugs.
    The last couple of years, Raft Up has accounted for an outstanding 
number of arrests ranging from boating under the influence, alcohol 
intoxication, trafficking cocaine, possession of marijuana and 
prescription controlled substances not in proper container.
    Disrespect toward water patrol officers is also becoming part of the 
    Out of town boaters now tip up their long necks or cans of beer just 
to see how far they can go before ending up in jail.
    The lake laws in the towns that visitors come from are no different 
than on Lake Cumberland so there's no excuse, they do know better.
    As you can see, there is a fine line between tourism and an overall 
fun time for everyone on Lake Cumberland. Fish and Wildlife officers 
are on the water to keep people safe, but more manpower is needed for 
Raft Up and additional help will be brought in from other districts.
    It's unknown how many Officers can break away from their service 
areas to come help with this Saturday's Raft Up, but those breaking 
the law will be hauled off the lake to local Detention Centers 
throughout the area.
    The Annual Lake Cumberland Raft Up will be held just around the bend 
from Conley Bottom in the Shinbone area. Join the Raft Up this 
Saturday for a day of fun and live music with the Rusty Griswold Band.
    For info visit, or or call 
606-348-6351 or 270-343-2525. For lodging & dining on the east side 

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