Pulaski seniors who need help with daily living will soon have a new option when it comes to choosing where to call home.

Kentucky Farm Bureau has partnered with Exceptional Living Centers to create the Bluegrass Senior Living Center.

The center, located at 145 Tower Circle in the Med Park, held a professional open house Thursday allowing a select few to have a sneak peek at the facility.

Staff there said that anyone who wants to come in and tour the building as a potential resident is welcome to come check it out at any time.

Even though it won't official open until February 17, the center already has 15 of its 72 apartments leased out.

As of right now, the apartments will be rented on a first come, first serve basis.

According to Community Liaison Allison Hicks, once the center fills up, people can add their names to a wait list to get in.

Farm Bureau owns the building, while Exceptional Living Centers will operate the business, she explained.

And while Farm Bureau's name is on the building, you don't have to be a member of the insurance company to live there.

"It's open to everybody," she said.

Everyone who requires licensed personal care, that is. Bluegrass Senior living offers seniors a middle ground type of care between assisted living and skilled care, Hicks said.

"We are the best of both worlds. You can still be independent or in that assisted living area. Or if you need a little more care, you can stay with us. If you can ambulate or show that you can move on your own or if you are one-person assist, then you are more than welcome to come and look at us."

She said the center has on-staff nurses that can either hand your medicine to you or administer it to you, based on your level of needs.

"Everything that you can do at home you can do here," she added. If you still drive, you can still have your vehicle. We'll take you to your appointments. Really, we try to make sure everything flows smoothly, you just have a change of address."

Chelsea Powell, the activities director and memory care director, said that there are 24 personal care and 48 memory care apartments within the center.

Rental costs start at $3,500 per month for a personal care single-room. A personal care room with a patio is $3,750; a personal care apartment that has one bedroom along with a living area is $4,200, and the memory care studio apartments are $4,500 per month.

Rent includes a lot of amenities, she said, including cable, telephone and internet service; maintenance, laundry and housekeeping services; a fully-staffed kitchen providing three meals a day; scheduled transportation to appointments; a pet-friendly living space (so residents can keep their four-legged friends with them); 24-hour nursing care; and, of course, plenty of social activities.

As of right now, Powell said she is planning on having pet therapy, music therapy, sensory interventions, exercise, and intergenerational activities where local youth groups can come visit.

Other activities will be planned after the center opens and Powell has a chance to feel out what the residents might want, she said.

"The things that they want is what I'm going to try to incorporate. Once we're open, I'll have a better feel of the things we're gong to do," Powell said.

She added that residents can decorate their own spaces however they want, with the only limitations being based on safety regulations, such as not being allowed candles or open flames.


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