Carter Morrow

Carter Morrow is shown with a box of stuffed animals he gave to Wayne County EMS personnel for other children to have when they are being transported by ambulance to a hospital.

    Even though he is only three-years-old Carter Morrow knows how important it is to help others. The Wayne County boy decided to "give back" to other children in Wayne County recently, when he donated more than 20 of his stuffed animals to Wayne County EMS.

    The gift itself is a touching one for a boy so young. But it is a 
gift that means so much more because Morrow has experienced the fear 
of taking an ambulance ride to a hospital in an emergency situation.
    Morrow was transported from the local hospital to the University of 
Ken-tucky recently, and like many children he was afraid. Wayne 
County EMS Director Bubby Corder noted that the ambulance service 
keeps stuffed animals on board all its units to help children who are 
frightened during a medical emergency.
    "It's frightening for kids, especially in an emergency situation. We 
want to give them something to help calm down and make them feel more 
comfortable," explained Corder.
    Morrow was given a stuffed bear and that seemed to comfort him. In 
fact, he is still keeping the stuffed animal close by now that he is 
better and back home.
    When the boy and his mom, Megan, were cleaning out his toys, she 
asked him what he wanted to do with his stuffed animals. He did not 
hesitate when he told her that he wanted to give them to the 
ambulance service.
    So, he and his mom delivered a box full of the toys to the Wayne 
County EMS on Wednesday, May 1. Morrow also got a chance to tour 
through the EMS facility and he got to look inside the ambulances at 
the facility.
    The stuffed animals will be placed on EMS trucks where Morrow's wish 
to "help other kids" can be fulfilled.
    "It was heartfelt," said Corder, as he talked about his reaction to 
Morrow's gift. "To think that a little guy that young is thinking of 
other kids...I am glad that we had an impact on him to do this."
    Morrow's donation has become a local Facebook sensation, and a lot 
of folks have viewed the pictures of him bringing his stuffed animals to the EMS facility.

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