The charges against two local daycare workers have been dismissed, after neither woman was indicted by the Wayne County Grand Jury.

    According to documents filed in Wayne Circuit Court, the cases 
against Tasha Cox and Diana Myers were presented to the Wayne County 
Grand Jury on Tuesday, June 18.
    The grand jury did not return indictments in either case.
    Cox was charged with failure to report child dependent neglect/
abuse. Myers was originally charged with criminal abuse first degree, 
which was later amended to criminal abuse second degree.
    In an order signed by Circuit Judge Vernon Miniard the charges 
against both Myers and Cox were dismissed without prejudice.
    It was a case that drew national media attention, when both women 
were charged in connection with the investigation into alleged child 
abuse at Wendy's Wonderland, where they were employed.
    The Wayne County Sheriff's Department initiated an investigation 
following an incident on April 19, when officials said that Myers 
allegedly backed a two-year-old girl under a table and shook a doll 
at her.
    The citation in the case indicated that Myers was aware the child 
had a fear of dolls and small animals.
    The complaint alleged that the incident was recorded by Cox and 
later posted on Facebook.
    Myers was represented in the case by defense attorney George 
Bertram, who stated during a preliminary hearing in the case that his 
client was singing to the little girl during the incident. 
"Essentially what you see is someone trying to soothe the child," 
Bertram told The Outlook. "If a child is crying, you act silly, you 
sing a song, you play with a doll."
    During the preliminary hearing on May 13, Bertram asked that the 
judge view the 19-second video and asked that all charges in the case 
be dropped for lack of probable cause.
    District Judge James Lawson sent the case to the grand jury for 
their consideration.


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