Monticello City Council has approved a resolution authorizing the 
utility commission to borrow $850,000 for a water meter project.
    The council approved the loan, which will be funded through the 
Kentucky Rural Water Corporation, during a meeting held Monday 
evening. The loan was discussed by the council during its meeting 
last month, but council members wanted to take a look at the 
paperwork before making a final decision.
    The loan will be used to replace aging meters in the county with new 
ones that can be read by utilizing cell towers and new technology. A 
total of 2,200 meters will be replaced with the funding. This also 
includes the construction of towers that can transmit data, computer 
software and employee training for the project.
    Council members had several questions about the loan and Monticello 
Utility Commission Manager Scott Upchurch was involved in the 
discussion during Monday's meeting. Upchurch stated that the MUC is 
currently replacing approximately 160 old meters each month, at a 
cost of approximately $10,000.
    By financing the entire project, that payment will be lowered to 
around $8,800 per month, according to Upchurch. He said the interest 
rate on the loan will be approximately 3.6 to 3.7 percent and will be 
for a 10-year term.
    The MUC decided to move ahead with the Advanced Metering 
Infrastructure (AMI) project, after the recent retirement of one of 
their employees who read meters for the water company. Upchurch has 
stated that with this new system there would be no reason to replace 
the employee with a full-time person which will save the MUC in 
salary and benefits.
    Before taking action on the resolution, members of the council asked 
Upchurch about revenue available to pay for this project. He stated 
that the MUC's revenue is sufficient to pay for the water meter 
replacement project.
    The council voted in favor of the resolution by a 5-1 vote. Council 
member Knox Bertram voted against the action.
    During the June meeting, the council approved a grant application 
for $250,000 in CDBG funding to replace meters for residents in the 
    Also during the meeting, the council approved the second reading of 
an amendment to their public nuisance ordinance. The amendment is the 
result of several months of discussion, as city leaders have worked 
to improve the ordinance the city had approved several years ago.
    The ordinance states that any resident who has a complaint regarding 
a violation of the ordinance should contact city officials to provide 
information about the address and the problem. From there, the 
complaint will be investigated and the person will be contacted 
regarding the result.
    The ordinance defines the action that is taken in the case of 
violations of the public nuisance ordinance. It also sets up 
penalties and fines that will be levied in the cases.
    Mayor Tracie Sexton noted that she had received some calls regarding 
the removal of the section on noise from the ordinance. There were 
concerns from city residents who had filed complaints last year about 
barking dogs at the animal shelter.
    In addition, all the council members indicated they had received 
fireworks complaints this year. Sexton suggested the council come up 
with a separate ordinance to deal with fireworks prior to next July 4.
    Also during the meeting, the council approved the appointment of 
Nancy Abbott to the Monticello Housing Authority.


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