The city will apply for a $250,000 Community Development Block Grant 
(CDBG) that will be part of the overall effort by the Monticello 
Utility Com-mission to replace water meters throughout the system.
    The grant money, if approved, will be used to replace meters inside 
the city limits and move the Monticello Utility Com-mission forward 
with their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).
    The new automatic meters would use cell towers to transmit data, 
like water usage, to the MUC.
    Council members approved the grant application during their meeting 
Monday evening, after a lengthy discussion about the entire project.
    While the grant will only pay for a portion of meter replacement in 
the system, the council also has a copy of a resolution regarding an 
$850,000 loan through Kentucky Rural Water Finance Corporation, which 
would include replacement of meters throughout the county.
    Monticello Utility Commission Manager Scott Upchurch fielded 
questions regarding both funding requests during the meeting. The 
CDBG grant would require a $269,000 match, which the MUC would 
provide, according to the discussion on Monday. The MUC would also 
provide labor to implement the project.
    Upchurch noted that the water utility company has been replacing 
meters each month—spending about $10,000 monthly for the meters. This 
puts the project in a broader scope and allows the MUC to move ahead 
with automating the entire customer base.
    The total for the entire project is about $1.1 million, according to 
the discussion. Council member Allan Hopper asked if the entire 
project could be funded without the need to raise any water rates. 
Upchurch stated that at this time, the Monticello Utility Commission 
has funds to accommodate both these projects.
    The council opted to go ahead with the grant application, since it 
has a deadline of July 1. They discussed the loan application but 
decided to table any action on that until next month, which would 
allow them time to look more closely at the numbers.
    Also during the meeting, the council approved the budget for fiscal 
year 2019-2020. The budget is very similar to the one that the city 
is currently operating under. The general fund totals approximately 
$2.6 million.
    The original document did not include any cost of living pay 
increase for city employees. But during the meeting Monday evening, 
the council directed that the budget include a one percent pay 
increase within each department.
    Also during the meeting, the council:
    • Approved the second reading of an ordinance amending the budget 
for the current fiscal year.
    • Heard a presentation from Shannon Beaty with the Wayne County 
Health Department on county health data.
    • Heard the first reading of the public nuisance ordinance amendment.
    cer, speeding, reckless driving, disregarding traffic control 
device, fleeing or evading police first degree (motor vehicle), 
fleeing or evading police first degree (on foot), assault first 
degree, resisting arrest, operating a motor vehicle under the 
influence of alcohol/drugs and no operators license. Britt was lodged in the Wayne County Detention Center.

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