Grant money totaling over a million dollars, benefiting several

departments of county government, was discussed during the regular

monthly meeting of the Wayne County Fiscal Court.

        The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Rural and Municipal Aid

Com-missioner Gray Tomblyn, who attended the meeting, talked about the

limited money available at the county and state level, as he announced

a $471,000 grant in discretionary funds for Wayne County for

resurfacing projects.

        Wayne County Judge-Executive Mike Anderson said that the roads

included in this project are among the most critical in the county.

        The roads provide access to nearly 100 homes. Roads submitted for

discretionary fund consideration have been evaluated by transportation

officials, who assess road conditions and determine the most critical


        The roads included are: Shaw Valley, Red Bud Lane, Green Ford,

Anderson Cemetery Road, Burnett Hollow, Tuggle Hollow, Old Saw Mill

Road, Cave Lake, Kelly Lane-Spann Hill and Deer Run Road.

        Also a patching project for West KY 92 is expected to begin in the

next couple of weeks and Anderson spoke about being able to cover

several upgrades to gravel roads with county money.

        Anderson also in-formed the court of receiving an agreement for flex

funding not exceeding $263,910 for three road projects.

        During Thursday nights meeting, magistrates approved Conley Gregory

Construction's low bid of $207,785  for the Gene Gray bridge project.

Eighty percent of the funds will come from the state with the county's

match being 20 percent labor.

        Solid Waste Coordi-nator Tim Bell informed the court that everything

is back up and operational at the recycling center. The fiscal court

approved the only bid of $52,650  from Barren Enterprises of Eubank

for a paper grinder. The money for the grinder comes a grant totaling

over $110,000.

        Bell informed the court that white goods were collected from 67

households in June. So far this year, 447 households have taken

advantage of the community service. Litter collections covered 38.5

miles in June with 211 bags collected.

        Emergency Services Director Bubby Corder spoke on having five grants

out totaling $266,691.72,  that he is now waiting to hear back on.

Since the compilation of his report, Corder said they had received a

$10,000  grant through the KY Board of EMS.

        A $14,220 grant received from Firehouse Sub Public Safety Foundation

will be used to get the county's first ever CPR compression device.

Corder also reported a total of 1,570 EMS calls for 2019. In June, 232

runs were made accounting for 174 emergency and 58 non emergency


        Jailer Ronnie Ellis reported the current population at the detention

center as of June 11 at 218. There were 70 county and 148 state

inmates, with 181 male prisoners and 37 females. June billing totaled

over $136 thousand. For May, the jail received over $135,000 from the


        The U.S. Census takes place every ten years and it's coming up again

in 2020. Ron Shumard with the U.S. Census Bureau spoke to the Fiscal

Court of the Census count being responsible for the allocation of $

675 million dollars worth of federal funding to communities across the

country. State and congressional legislative districts receive funding

for schools, roads, Medicaid and other programs by means of federal

dollars and the total numbers from the Census determines the amount

that areas receive.

        The Census count includes everyone in Wayne County, U.S. citizens and

all others. Trusted voices in all communities provide numbers and

local residents will be hired for part time work at $12 to $30 per

hour. Anyone may apply online at 2020 for a job.

         Anderson said he was now making a list of different organizations in

town and other areas that could possibly be grouped together to come

up with a fairly large committee. Anderson said hopefully it will work

in getting the process started and he plans on having the list

completed before September. The Census consists of ten questions and

may be submitted by mail, phone, online or through a door to door

campaign by Census workers.

        Either way, it will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes to fill out.

        In other business, the court:

        • Approved adopting an extension of Red Bud Lane and Kings Court into the county road system. Magistrates approved advertising to take in

extensions of Young Road, Woodman Drive and Green Brier Road.

        • Appointed Debbie Stringer  to serve on the Aging Council Board.

        • Approved a resolution relating to the 2020 Census.

        • Agreed to donate a surplus Ford Explorer from the Sheriff's

Department to the coroner.

        • Hired Tyler East, Junior Gregory and Scott Bell at the road

department with the hourly wage set at $10 per hour each.

        • Held an executive session to discuss personnel and litigation. No

action was taken.

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