The child abuse case against a local daycare worker will proceed to the Wayne County Grand Jury, following a preliminary hearing held in Wayne District Court on Monday, May 13.

    Diana Myers has been charged with first degree criminal abuse 
following an alleged incident that occurred at Wendy's Wonderland in 
Monticello. Myers and a second daycare worker, Tasha Cox, who is 
charged with failure to report child abuse after allegedly recording 
the incident which was posted on Facebook, appeared in Wayne District 
Court on Monday morning.
    Both women entered not guilty pleas during the arraignment. Then 
George Bertram, who represents both the women, presented a motion 
requesting and expedited preliminary hearing for Myers. During an 
interview with The Outlook earlier this month, Bertram stated that 
Myers had received death threats and the daycare had been a target of 
    Officials allege that the 19 second video recorded at the daycare on 
Friday, April 19 shows Myers had a two-year old backed under a table 
and was shaking a doll at the child.
    During the interview with the newspaper, Bertram contends that is 
not what happened at the daycare that day.
    "If you pull up the video and watch it closely and listen closely, 
two or three things become very obvious," Bertram stated. "First of 
all, the child is not acting negatively to the doll, the child is not 
scared of the doll at all and the women is singing to the child."
    Joseph Hoover, a private investigator in the case, was a key witness 
in the preliminary hearing last week. He interviewed numerous 
witnesses, including other workers at the daycare, parents and 
grandparents. According to his statements, several told him that the 
child had played with the doll on many occasions.
    In his motion, Bertram stated that there was no legal or factual 
basis for prosecution. He also stated that the video was reviewed by 
the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and they declined to 
authorize any further investigation in the case.
    Following the hearing last week, District Judge James Lawson found 
probable cause and bound the case over the grand jury. The Wayne 
County Grand Jury will meet again in Monday, May 20.
    A preliminary hearing for Cox has been set for June 24 in Wayne District Court.

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