Fiber optic internet service will be available at the Wayne County Public Library, beginning in July. The new high-speed fiber internet will replace the two DSL lines currently being used at the library.

The library board met on Wednesday, June 19 and discussed the fiber optic connection, as they reviewed the budget for the next fiscal year. The new budget begins in July and looks very similar to the one that the library is currently operating under.
Librarian Anne Garner noted that board members would likely notice the charge for internet increasing next year, since they are moving to the fiber optic system. Currently, the library utilizes two DSL lines with 25 megabits each. The new fiber optic connection will provide 500 megabits, which will allow many users to access the internet without compromising the speed. Garner also pointed out that this is a dedicated line that will not be shared.
The library will be eligible for reimbursement of 90 percent of the cost of the line through the e-rate program, according to Garner.  The library will pay for the line, but will be reimbursed for 90 percent of the cost at the end of the year.
Also during the meeting, the board received a letter announcing the retirement of Children's Librarian Donna Tuggle. Tuggle thanked the board for the opportunity to serve in the position and she noted that July 31 would be her last day at the library.
Sherilyn Warinner will become the new Children's Librarian. She has been training with Tuggle for several months.
The library continued to discuss options for paying a lump sum on the principal of the loan for the new building. They plan to use money from the sale of the former library building to help pay down debt, but have been waiting for some financial advice on how much would have to be paid to decrease the length of the loan by two years.
Garner said that their financial advisor has talked with bank officials and that the board should receive that information soon.
In other action, the board:
• Received a copy of the audit for fiscal year 2017-2018.
• Agreed to reinvest a $254,000 CD for another one year period.
• Approved a list of items that will be donated to the Taylor County Public Library, the Wayne County Historical Society and Museum and the Wayne County Cooperative Extension Service.

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