During a press conference on Wednesday, April 29, Governor Andy 
Beshear laid out the state's initial plan to gradually reopen 
businesses in Kentucky.
    Beshear has indicated that the state's COVID-19 cases seemed to have 
plateaued at this point, though Kentucky has not yet started to show 
a decline.
    While unveiling a tentative reopening schedule for a variety of 
businesses, Beshear cautioned that in all cases it will not be 
business as usual and will require adherence to the top 10 rules of 
reopening, along with industry specific requirements.
    "We've got to do this right. I believe we can do this right," 
Beshear said. "When we phase back into work, remember, you don't need 
an in-person meeting. Use the telephone. And now that we are starting 
to open up health care, see your doctor if you need to."
    The first significant date is May 11, when manufacturing, 
construction companies, car dealerships, professional services and 
pet grooming and boarding businesses can reopen. There will also be 
horse racing allowed without spectators.
    On May 20, retail businesses can reopen and churches can resume 
services. On May 25, social gatherings of no more than 10 people will 
be allowed. Also, barbers, hair salons, cosmetologists and similar 
businesses will be allowed to reopen.
    "We were able to come to an agreement yesterday with Churchill 
Downs. They will start accepting horses and people on the backside of 
the track May 11," said Beshear.
    He said that for May 20, houses of worship would be allowed in-
person services at a reduced capacity and that everything is 
contingent on being able to do social distancing, cleaning, 
sanitation and other accommodations.
    "A crowd is still going to be a dangerous thing until we are further 
along in defeating this virus," Gov. Beshear said. "It's something we 
need to continue to avoid."
    The Governor said that a couple of industries and businesses are not 
quite ready to open, which include restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, 
campgrounds, youth sports, summer camps, day cares (except for 
essential health care workers) and public pools.
    "Another that we want to be in Phase 2 is gyms. Later, but not in 
Phase 1: movie theaters, campgrounds and youth sports. We hope in 
this summer, and we don't know if it will be in June or perhaps early July, we hope that we will be able to do some youth sports," he said.

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