The federal trial for a Wayne County man has been postponed until 
November 19, according to documents filed in United States District 
Court, Eastern District.
    Joshua Gregory, of Monticello, is facing federal firearm charges and 
the case was set to go to jury trial on Tuesday, September 17. An 
order entered in federal court granted the defendant's motion to 
continue that trial date, and it has now been set for Tuesday, 
November 19.
    The four count indictment against Gregory was s returned in May. In 
count one, the grand jury alleges that on or about November 28, 2018, 
Gregory did knowingly "possess with intent to distribute 50 grams or 
more of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of 
methamphetamine, a Schedule II controlled substance."
    Gregory was also charged with knowingly possessing a firearm "in 
furtherance of a drug trafficking crime for which he may be 
prosecuted in a court of the United States, that is,  the drug 
trafficking crime charged in count one of this indictment."
    Count three states that he allegedly "possessed in and affecting 
commerce firearms, to wit, a Kel-Tec, Model P3AT, .380 caliber 
pistol, serial number JSF45; a Kel-Tec, Model PF-9, 9 mm caliber 
pistol, serial number SWK79; a Springfield Armory Rifle, serial 
number 262558; a CZ, Model CZ27, .32 caliber pistol, serial number 
482175; a Rossi, Model S41, .410 bore shotgun, serial number 
SP248328; a Glock, Model 19, 9 mm caliber pistol, serial number 
VLE799; a Ruger Model SR9C, 9 mm caliber pistol, serial number 
336775571; and a Mossberg, Model 500, 20 gauge shotgun, serial number 
R287895, having been convicted in a court of a crime punishable by 
imprisonment for a term exceeding one year, and did so knowingly."
    Count four alleges that Gregory did knowingly possess a 
"firearm", a
shotgun having a barrel of less than 18 inches of length, not
registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer
    Approximately 8,475 rounds of assorted ammunition was also seized 
from the Gregory's residence, according to the indictment. The 
charges stem from an incident involving the Wayne County Sheriff's 
Department and the DEA in November 2018.
    Gregory's attorney, George Bertram, has filed a motion to suppress 
evidence during a search of trash and his residence. Gregory claims 
that his rights under the Fourth Amendment were violated because the 
trash pull was preformed without the presence of a valid warrant. He 
also contends that a warrant authorized the search of his home, but 
that it was not supported by probable cause.
    The U.S. Attorney has filed a response to that motion asking that 
the court deny the motion and uphold the seizure of evidence from the 
garbage bags Cardinal Sanitation collected from the defendant's 
    United States Judge Edward B. Atkins is expected to enter an order on the motion.

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