Librarian Anne Garner demonstrates an online search of her name.

    Did you know that you have the ability to have our town's history right at your finger tips anywhere, anytime?

    The Wayne County Outlook, from the very first volume on May 26, 1904 
through June 29, 2016 is now archived in digital format, available 
through the Wayne County Public Library's website.
    Currently, if you visit their website, 
you will find an image of a newspaper in the right-hand column. By 
clicking the link you will be taken to the database.
    There, you can search by year, decade, date range, keyword, or 
phrase. Looking for information about a specific event, business, or 
person? Just type it in and the database will show you every past 
edition in which it's mentioned! This is a great resource for those 
doing project research, genealogy, or even those who are just curious 
about our past.
    Whether you're looking for information on laws that were passed, 
public opinions, differentiating crime rates, club and organization 
history, military history, or just about anything else, the online 
newspaper archive makes finding information easy!
    If genealogy is the route you're going, be sure to check out the 
‘Genealogy' tab on the library's homepage as well! There, you will 
find links for the archived newspapers for Adair, Clark, Clinton, 
Green, McCreary, Meade, and Russell counties! You can find birth 
announcements, marriage announcements, death announcements, as well 
as different things your loved ones did throughout their lives!
    If you're like me and enjoy seeing how things have changed over the 
years, I encourage you to go back through the decades, select a 
random edition, and explore.
    You'll find things such as comical (and sometimes cynical) 
advertisements, poetry about loved ones away at war, beautifully 
written obituaries, and success stories of things that had gone 
wonderfully right for someone local whether by their own doing, or 
    You'll be taken back in time with commentary of plays, musicals, and 
other forms of theatre when downtown was booming and seen as one of 
the most well-cultured areas in the state of Kentucky; and grocery 
sale flyers, property, and clothing advertisements that will nearly 
give you a slap in the face when you see how much the value of a 
dollar has inflated over time.
    You'll see community news columns for the different regions of Wayne 
County, gossip columns sharing things such as who was courting who, 
who was seen buying what, and where they were going.
    There are so many interesting things to look back on, and being able 
to do so from anywhere has become an important part of life as we 
know it.
    Since newsprint paper deteriorates quickly, the newspapers were 
stored at our library on microfilm for many years, or in hard-copy 
until they could be transferred to microfilm. This change became wide-
spread during the mid-century. If you aren't sure what microfilm is, 
imagine photograph negatives but on a roll of film. It served as a 
way for documents to be stored in a space-saving manor by downsizing 
images. Library visitors would access the microfilm using a microfilm 
reader which projected and magnified the documents on film, and a 
reader printer so they could take their findings with them.
    As technology improved, the need for an update to the preservation 
of these records became more and more evident. There was no doubt 
that The Outlook would be a treasure to many in the future, and so 
the digitalization of the archive was decided upon.
    The microfilm and hard copies were sent to Advantage Companies in 
Cedar Rapids IA, which has digitalized the newspapers for the other 
counties in the area! The company transferred the hard-copy 
newspapers to microfilm, and added all of them to the database for 
easier public access. An updated microfilm reader is still available 
for visitors' use in the genealogy room in the library for anyone who 
wishes to view The Outlook in that format as well!
    To date, The Wayne County Outlook has been accessed through the 
library's digital database over 5,224 times by 2,562 different users throughout 633 cities and 10 countries worldwide!

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