Governor Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear were the winners statewide in the primary races for Kentucky's top job on Tuesday, May 21. But in Wayne County, the vote totals looked a little different.

Robert Goforth got more votes that Bevin in Wayne County in the republican gubernatorial race. Goforth garnered 861 votes, compared to 776 votes for Bevin.

Two other candidates were on the republican ballot—Ike Lawrence, who received 28 votes, and William E. Woods, who received 47 votes.
Statewide, Bevin received approximately 52 percent of his party's vote to seal the republican nomination.
Goforth received nearly 40 percent of the republican vote.
Bevin will face Beshear this fall in the general election.
In Wayne County, Rocky Adkins got the most votes in the democratic race for governor, with 401. Beshear received 252 votes.
Two other candidates were on the democratic ticket. Adam Edelen received 138 votes in Wayne County, and Geoffrey M. Young received 13 votes.
Beshear trailed for much of Tuesday evening's tabulation, as Adkins won big in much of rural Kentucky. But he pulled big wins off in Jefferson and Fayette County to garner about 40 percent of the vote.
The top vote getter of the night was democrat Heather French Henry, who easily won her party's nomination for Secretary of State. Henry received more than 260,000 votes to defeat three other democratic candidates in the race.
In Wayne County, Henry received 464 votes in the race. Her closest competitor was Jason Griffith with 126 votes locally.
Henry will take on republican Michael Adams, who secured the republican nomination for Secretary of State. Adams won easily in Wayne County, receiving 723 votes.
In the race for Attorney General, Daniel Cameron won the republican nomination and was the top vote getter in that race in Wayne County with 1,014 votes. He will face democrat Greg Stumbo in the general election this fall.
Incumbent Commis-sioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles won his party's nomination. In Wayne County, he received 1,358 votes to defeat challenger Billy Polyniak.
Quarles will face democrat Robert Haley Conway in the general election. Conway received 431 votes in Wayne County in the democratic primary race.
Mike Bowman won the democratic nomination for State Treasurer. He received 609 votes in Wayne County. Bowman will face republican incumbent Allison Ball in the general election.
Sheri Donahue won the democratic nomination for Auditor of Public Accounts, but she was not the top vote getter in the race in Wayne County. Kelsey Hayes Coots received 225 votes locally, while Donahue received 199 votes.
Donahue will race incumbent republican Auditor Mike Harmon in the general election.
Voter turnout was better than local election officials expected last Tuesday. County Clerk Heather Piercy said about 19 percent of Wayne County's registered voters went to the polls.
Piercy said the day was fairly uneventful, and everything went smoothly in Wayne County.
Voter turnout locally could be a little better in the fall, as there will be a local race on the ballot. A special election will be held to fill a seat on the Monticello City Council. The seat opened up earlier this year, when Scott Flynn moved out of the city and resigned from the council.
Piercy said that one candidate has filed so far in that race. Lana Hoskins is a candidate for city council.
Anyone who intends to seek the office must file their paperwork by June 4 at 4 p.m. in the Wayne County Clerk's Office.

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