People flush things into the sewer system that shouldn't be there, 
and that causes problems at both the wastewater treatment plant and 
at lift stations throughout the system.
    It's a problem that officials with the Monticello Utility Commission 
has been dealing with quite a bit, and they hope that they have found 
a solution.
    The Monticello Utility Commission met on Wednesday, July 3 and 
agreed to advertise for equipment that will help with that solution.
    MUC employee John Cooper brought information to the commission 
during the meeting, which includes the construction of a concrete 
pool at the wastewater treatment plant and installation of equipment 
that would screen out pieces of debris that the system cannot handle.
    The pool would also be used by contractors who pump private septic 
systems for homeowners.
    Waste would go into the pool and then be filtered through a screen 
system that would keep trash from going into the plant. Debris would 
be compacted, removed and placed in a dumpster for disposal.
    Cooper said he is unsure of the total cost at this point.
    He did receive an initial quote from a company, but added that the 
project has to be bid by the MUC.
    He added that much of the installation of equipment can likely be 
handled by utility commission employees. They would require an 
electrician to handle all the wiring issues.
    Cooper said this process should prevent pump damage that has 
occurred at lift stations in the system, as well as at the plant.
    Anytime a pump is damaged it means a costly repair.
    The utility commission has also spent a lot of money on chemicals to 
help take care of some of these problems as well.
    The only other business discussed during last week's meeting 
involved the notification of customers about boil water advisories.
    MUC Manager Scott Upchurch said he had been asked about a system 
that would actually call customers to inform them they were included 
in a boil water advisory.
    At this time the MUC uses local media and social media to provide 
information to customers.
    He told commissioners he would look into other systems that could be 
used to make calls to customers.
    Upchurch said he would bring that information back to the commission for a decision.

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