The balls will be bouncing on a brand new hardwood court, when basketball season begins this fall at the ASPIRE Center. The new floor is nearing completion, and members of the Parks and Recreation Committee had a chance to see it during a meeting held on Tuesday, September 17.

    Parks and Recreation Director Lonnie Chaplin expects the new floor 
will be completed by mid-week.
    During the meeting, the board reviewed prices for padding that will 
help protect the new floor during events that will be held in the 
gymnasium. Chaplin presented four different options for the board to 
look at. He said that most people he had spoken with recommended the 
18 ounce matting, which will be placed across the floor.
    Chaplin said the best price was submitted by Great Mats, which is 
located in Wisconsin. They have 100 foot mats in stock that can be 
shipped soon. He also recommended that the board purchase the roller 
system, which will be used to help prepare the mats for storage.
    The total cost is $6,367. Chaplin said that two colors are available 
in stock, and the board opted to order the Kentucky blue color.
    Chaplin added that the mat will likely be here for a September 28 
dinner that is booked in the gymnasium. He also told board members 
that the gym will not be used for everyday activities. The criteria 
will change and those events will be booked in the multi-purpose room 
at the ASPIRE Center.
    The gymnasium will still be available, but only gym shoes will be 
allowed on the floor.
    The hardwood for the new floor is valued at approximately $40,000 t0 
$50,000 and was donated by Monticello Flooring. Other business and 
groups throughout the county had contributed funds to help pay for installation of the new flooring.

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