The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is continuing its investigation 
into the disappearance of a local man. They are seeking any 
information that the public may have in regard to the whereabouts of 
Jerry L. Rainwater, 67, who was last seen on June 29.
    Wayne County Sheriff Tim Catron said that at press time, Rainwater's 
whereabouts remain unknown. He said his department has conducted 
several interviews and they have followed up on several leads. The 
investigation remains very active at this time, according to Catron.
    Rainwater was seen leaving his residence on West KY 90 on June 29 at 
approximately 9:15 a.m. He is possibly driving a Dodge Town and 
Country silver minivan.
    It has been indicated that Rainwater was either going to the 
Veteran's Administration Hospital in Lexington or possibly to the 
Georgia-Florida line to buy a recreation type vehicle.
    There have also been reports that he was carrying a large amount of 
cash on him at the time of his disappearance. Officials have 
confirmed that Rainwater's cell phone has not been used during this 
time, and there has been no bank withdrawals or credit card use since 
his disappearance.
    Rainwater is described as 5'5", weighing 130 pounds, with brown eyes 
and partially gray hair. He walks with a limp and sometimes uses a 
walking cane. Anyone with information should contact the sheriff's department at (606) 348-5416 or any law enforcement agency.

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