The Monticello Police Department is continuing the investigation of numerous reports of shots being fired around this community last weekend, and they are seeking help from the public in solving what can best be described at this point as a mystery.

    Monticello Police Chief Joe Bybee said several officers are actively 
investigating the cases, which began on Saturday evening when local 
residents began to call the 911 dispatch center to report multiple 
gunshots. The calls began to come in quickly and were from various 
areas of the city.
    "We had calls everywhere, from the Damron Addition to the south end 
of Main Street and from West Monticello Subdivision to Michigan 
Avenue," stated Bybee.
    Many residents reported it sounding like a clip was being unloaded. 
But Bybee said that officers who responded to the reports have found 
no damage to property and no shell casings in any of the areas.
    The 911 dispatch center received several similar calls on Sunday and 
Sun-day night, according to Bybee. There was a report of a gunshot 
wound victim Sunday afternoon, but Kentucky State Police, who 
investigated, said it was not connected to the random shooting 
    Bybee said no more reports of gunshots had been received as of 
Monday afternoon. The investigation remains active and anyone who can 
help police is asked to call the 911 dispatch center.
    Bybee advised local residents to be alert and aware of their 
surroundings and to report any suspicious activity to the police. He 
said that the more details residents can provide dispatchers when they call the 911 center will help officers with their response.

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