Paul Michael "Little Bo" Starnes

    There's not many nine-year-old boys who are eagerly awaiting their movie premiere. That makes Paul Michael Starnes, grandson of James and Geraldine Sexton of Monticello, very unique.

    The Paint Lick Elementary student is a cast member in John 
Schneider's new movie production "Christmas Cars."
    Starnes plays a young boy named P.J., who wants his family to buy a 
hunting camp for him.
    The movie features some things that are near and dear to Starnes—who 
is known to many as "Little Bo." It stars John Schneider of "Dukes of 
Hazard" fame and the General Lee.
    Paul Michael, who is the son of Charles and LaDonna Starnes, has 
done promotional work for John Schneider at shows and events over the 
    He has also had the opportunity to sing with Cody McCarver at Renfro 
Valley and recently graduated from acting and modeling classes at 
Images Modeling and Talent Agency.
    The DVD is currently available to purchase and anyone who wants a 
sneak peak of the movie can view the movie trailer at https:// The entire Starnes family will celebrate the 
movie premiere that is being planned for December 12 in Winchester, 
    "It's a good, family-oriented movie," said LaDonna. She and her 
husband are excited about the upcoming premiere.
    Paul Michael has been a fan of Schneider's since he began watching 
DVD's of the Dukes of Hazard series. In 2017, he attended a Schneider 
event and stood in line for 11 hours to meet his hero. Paul Michael 
was only seven years old at the time, but his dedication paid off, as 
he met the famous actor and made an impression on him.
    When Schneider came to Kentucky for a concert later, Paul Michael 
had tickets but did not get to attend because he was sick. But 
LaDonna went and Schneider asked her about her son. From there, the 
relationship between the actor and Paul Michael has continued to 
    Paul Michael is a student at Paint Lick Elementary School, where he 
runs cross country and sings in the chorus. He enjoys visiting 
Monticello and spending time with his family and friends in the 
    Paul Michael wants to be an actor and a singer, and this is a great 
way to start a career.
    The DVD "Christmas Cars" can be purchased at and cost $20. LaDonna noted that it will 

be available for downloading on November 29 at the site.

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