Tim Bell announced his resignation and retirement as Wayne County 
Solid Waste Coordinator. In a statement last week, Bell said he 
officially resigned the position at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 31.
    Bell stated that he had verbally tendered his intentions to leave 
the job and also provided the county with written notification.
    Bell has served as Solid Waste Coordinator for more than 13 years, 
under the administration of former County Judge-Executive Greg 
Rankin. Bell had previously worked at the Wayne County Hospital for 
30 years. He was familiar with county government after serving as 
magistrate for three terms.
    Bell founded the local recycling program. The program has continued 
to grow over the years, as the county purchased a facility to house 
the recycling center.
    They also realized more than $1 million in grant funding during that 
time, which has provided money to purchase recycling equipment. Bell 
noted that he was pleased the program had been able to grow, and so 
many local residents have embraced the idea of recycling.
    "I have had so many people tell me that they are happy to have this 
program in Wayne County...They want to feel like they are helping," 
said Bell.
    Bell did not specifically state the reasons why he chose to resign 
and retire at this time, but noted that he wanted local residents to 
know that he is no longer in charge of the recycling program. He 
added that anyone who has any questions can contact him at home at 
(606) 343-0303.
    Wayne County Judge-Executive Mike Anderson said that operations at 
the Recycling Center are continuing as normal. He has several 
interviews that he would like to conduct before hiring a replacement for Bell. He expected that could occur as early as this week.

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