The Wayne County Tourist Commission met in a special called meeting 
on Thursday, May 30 at the ASPIRE Center.
    Mikki Simmons, Chair of the Commission, called the meeting to order. 
            Items on the agenda included discussion of putting a billboard on 
the 914 Bypass in Somerset or on Hwy. 461 near Mt. Vernon.
    The group is looking into an appropriate spot that is available at a 
reasonable price and they discussed putting a two sided sign up.
    A motion was also made for Nancy Duncan to proceed with paperwork on That would include two 15 second spots or one 30 second 
spot to appear in Indiana or Ohio.
    The marketing plan was discussed, but was tabled so they could get 
pricing on publishing a small book about Wayne County to hand out at 
the state fair and place along the interstate.
    The commission also discussed the state fair and asked for 
volunteers to help man  the Wayne County booth. The Monticello 
Chamber of Commerce is also going to help and they decided to ask the 
Extension Office staff if they were going to also help at the booth.
    A motion was made to proceed with the Big Pumpkin and Big Watermalon 
contests. Extension Glen Roberts is distributing free seeds to anyone 
who wants to participate. Winners will be announed October 5 at Fall 
Fest at the Memorial Park.
    They also discussed any updates that needed to be made to the 
website. Judge Mike Anderson asked that they put some better 
directions to the swinging bridges in Wayne County and the Horseshoe 
Bottom Horse Trail. The judge's office has been taking calls on how 
to get to these places in Wayne County.
    Commission members present were Scott Upchurch, Brandy Lee and 
Dwight Gregory.

    After discussion and comments, the meeting was adjourned.

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