Two local residents were arrested and charged with drug related 
offenses, following two separate incidents investigated by the Wayne 
County Sheriff's Office.
    According to Sheriff Tim Catron, Heather East of Monticello, was 
arrested early Saturday, November 9. She was charged with trafficking 
in a controlled substance first degree and possession of drug 
    Catron stated that Deputy Derek Dennis and  Deputy Brent Rose were 
conducting a drug investigation when they learned information that 
allowed them to obtain a search warrant for a residence on Lincoln 
    At 12:02 a.m. Saturday, Dennis and Rose, along with Monticello 
police officers John Hurd and Jeremy Thompson, executed the search 
warrant. Approximately 6.5 grams of methamphetamine and digital 
scales were recovered.
    Catron stated that this investigation is part of his office's 
continued commitment to fight the drug epidemic in Wayne County.
    The sheriff's department arrested Eric McGuire on Saturday, November 
9 and charged him with trafficking in marijuana (eight ounces to less 
than five pounds), trafficking in a controlled substance first degree 
and possession of drug paraphernalia.
    Catron stated that Deputy Joe Horn and Deputy Derek Dennis met a 
vehicle on Stokes Street that did not have a front windshield. The 
deputies conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle on Hillrise Drive.
    Once the vehicle stopped, Catron stated that the driver allegedly 
changed positions inside the vehicle with the passenger. When the 
deputies approached the vehicle, they noticed a baggie of marijuana 
hanging out of the occupant's pocket.
    This led deputies to search the vehicle, and they located and seized 
17 baggies of marijuana approximately weighing 11 ounces, a small 
baggie of methamphetamine, two tablets of a controlled substance, 
$110 in cash and numerous new plastic baggies consistent with drug 
    A passenger in the vehicle, Timothy Scarborough, of Monticello, was 
charged with possession of marijuana.
    Dennis and Horne were assisted at the scene by Kentucky State Police Trooper Matt Parmley.

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