Two women have been arrested and charged, following an investigation 
into a child abuse allegation at a local daycare center.
    According to Wayne County Sheriff Tim Catron, his office received a 
complaint that the abuse occurred on April 19. Deputy Jerry Coffey 
conducted an investigation into the complaint.
    After reviewing video of the incident and conducting interviews 
related to the case, Coffey submitted his findings to Wayne County 
Attorney Tom Simmons and obtained arrest warrants for two workers at 
the daycare facility.
    On April 22, Deputy Cody Neal arrested and charged Diana Myers, of 
Monticello, with criminal abuse first degree-child 12 years of age or 
under and Tasha L. Cox, of Monticello, was charged with failure to 
report child dependent neglect/abuse.
    Myers and Cox were lodged in the Wayne County Detention Center, and 
have since been released on bond.
    According to the citation filed in the case, Myers allegedly had a 
two-year-old backed underneath a table and was shaking a doll at the 
child while the child was screaming.
    The citation indicates that Myers was aware that the child had a 
fear of dolls and small animals.
    The complaint against Cox alleges that she video recorded the 
incident involving the child being taunted and posted it on Facebook.
    The daycare facility listed in the citation as the employer is 
Wendy's Wonderland.
    Myers and Cox are both scheduled to appear in Wayne District Court on May 13 for arraignment on the charges.

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