During their meeting on Tuesday, November 12, the Wayne County Board of Education recognized Bell Elementary Principal Derrick Harris for 
being named a National Distin-guished Principal.
    Harris received the award in Washington, D.C. recently.
    Superintendent Wayne Roberts congratulated Harris for the impressive 
award and being nominated for the honor. He praised Harris' 
leadership abilities and the success his school has demonstrated, 
especially in the area of literacy.
    Harris has focused on implementing best practices that increase 
student performance and learning, such as a differentiated literacy 
program that ensures each child's specific instructional needs are 
being met.
    This highly successful program has resulted in a high percentage of 
students now reading at grade level.
    Educators from other schools frequently visit Bell Elementary to 
borrow ideas and strategies. Their mentoring program and classroom 
program at Bell Elementary is another successful model to emulate.
    Also during the recognition segment, the 19-member Casting Cardinals 
program was recognized for their successes competing at different 
lakes throughout their fishing season. Most recently, four local 
Casting Cardinals placed in the Kentucky Bass Federation State 
Tournament at Conley Bottom.
    Representing this year's anglers attending the meeting were: 
Sophomore Kason Stockton, Freshman Jenna R. Morrow, and eighth grader 
Hannah Kempton who were on high placing teams at the state 
competition. There were over 30 schools across the state and over 150 
teams that participated in the recent competition. Youth Director for 
the Kentucky Bass Federation Ricky Kempton, Coach Anthony Reynolds, 
and Assistant Coach Jason Stockton also offered information about the 
extra-curricular program.
    The local anglers will continue to collect points with the Region 3 
Tournament to be held this spring, then the top 10-15 percent of the 
anglers move on to the KHSAA state competition in this unique sport.
    During his report to the board, Roberts stated that the school 
calendar includes Veterans Day as an instructional day because a 
variety of programs are held on campus to teach students about the 
sacrifices veterans have made for them and to show respect for them.
    Roberts also explained the procedure followed by staff members to 
determine if school will be in session on inclement weather days. 
These include information from the transportation department which 
checks county roads between 4 and 5 a.m., a conference call with the 
weather forecasters in Jackson, Ky. at 5 a.m., consideration of the 
forecast for the rest of the day, communications with school 
administrators, and contacts with neighboring school districts before 
the final decision is made.
    Also during the meeting, the board:
    • Heard and instructional update from Chief Academic Officer Brian 
Dishman, who discussed enhancements being considered in the subject 
area of math, so students can be reached at deeper levels. The 
curriculum is being reviewed and new resources that have been 
recently developed are being considered. The state has not provided 
textbooks or math resource funding in the past 12 years to school 
    • Postponed the audit report, that  will be presented by Pamela 
Gray, White and Associates, until next month.
    • Approved pay applications and change orders for the Wayne County 
Area Career and Technology Center.
    • Approved pay applications for construction of the track and soccer 
    • Approved the full construction documents on the District Services 
Building, as presented by Derek Phillips with DECO Architects.
    • Met in executive session to discuss personnel issues. No action was taken.

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