The Wayne County Board of Education got a glimpse of the future 
during their meeting on Tuesday, August 13.
    Board members looked at  plans for two of the upcoming building 
projects that are being planned on campus.
    Derek Phillips, with DECO Architects, presented board members with 
design development drawings for the renovation at Monticello 
Elementary, and he also brought some preliminary schematic drawings 
for the Wayne District Services Building.
    Board members seemed pleased with both projects at this point.
    Phillips reviewed the schematic drawings at Monticello Elementary, 
noting that work is planned for the interior, as well as the exterior 
of the building.
    The renovation will be concentrated on some of the older classrooms 
in the building.
    Plans inside the building include a new HVAC, new lighting and new 
    There are plans to open the courtyard area of the school, which is 
located across from the library.
    Outdoor space in the courtyard will include some minimal landscaping 
that will allow classes to utilize that space as well.
    Phillips said that drop ceilings will be removed inside classrooms 
to help open them up and provide more light.
    Outside, plans include unifying the different additions to the 
building by creating one main entrance. They are also looking at 
improving parent pickup by creating a double pickup lane.
    Officials are still looking at possibly moving the playground for 
the school to the property on the other side of Cave Street, but 
nothing has been finalized in regard to that project.
    The board approved the design development drawings for renovation of 
the elementary school.
    The project is estimated to cost approximately $5 million.
    Work will not begin on the renovation under after the first of the 
year, according to timelines that were discussed at the meeting.
    The board approved schematic drawings for the Wayne District 
Services Building, which will be located in what is now being used as 
the Area Career and Technology Center.
    Once the new tech center is completed and students have moved to 
that facility, work will begin on the old building to incorporate 
central office, district technology and other operations.   
    The board heard an update regarding the construction at the new Area 
Career and Technology Center. Construction officials have indicated 
that the completion date will be November 1 for that project.
    Several other projects on the campus, including the construction of 
a track and soccer field. The board approved a revised BG 1 for the 
project. Precision Construction has been awarded the contract for the 
project at a cost of approximately $912,000.
    Earlier in the meeting, the board recognized JROTC Cadets Brett 
Herbig, who earned the Alpha Company Leadership Award at camp, and 
Ethan Morrow, who attended the U.S. Naval Academy Summer Seminar.
    Also during the meeting, the board:
    • Approved the data security and reach practices and procedures.
    • Approved a BG 1 for boiler replacement at Walker Early Learning 
    • Approved a trip to Destin, Fla. December 26-31 for the basketball team to participate in the Sandestin Beach Blowout Tournament.

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