A new budget for the next fiscal year was approved by Wayne County Fiscal Court during their meeting on Thursday, June 13. The budget, which totals approximately $12.2 million, includes some wage increases for employees as well as some equipment purchases for departments within county government.

    The budget includes a 25 cent per hour cost of living pay increase 
for all county employees. There are some exceptions within different 
departments, where adjustments were made to the pay scale for 
specific positions.
    Several of those adjustments will be made in the county road 
department, where two equipment operators and the county mechanic 
will receive hourly increases of $1.50 each. All other employees in 
the road department, with the exception of road foreman, will receive 
pay increases of $1.25 per hour.
    That is also the amount of the pay increase for the recycling center 
attendant. At the jail, some pay adjustments will be made for the 
administrative assistant, who will receive a $1 per hour pay 
increase, the Class D. Coordinator, who will receive a 50 cent per 
hour pay increase and the maintenance person, who will receive a 
$1.24 per hour pay increase. Four of the sergeants will receive a pay 
increase of 49 cents per hour, and another sergeant will receive an 
increase of 52 cents per hour.
    Purchases included in this budget are a paver, a dump truck and two 
tractors for the county road department. There is also money to buy a 
new mapping vehicle for 911.
    Also during last week's meeting, the court approved bids for various 
contracted services and goods that will be purchased over the next 
year. Bids were awarded for contracted services, blacktop, concrete,, 
diesel, gas, propane, stone and culverts.
    Magistrates appointed Barbara Gehring to serve as county treasurer 
for fiscal year 2020. They approved the appointment of Darrell Smith 
to the Industrial Development Authority for a four-year term.
    Several appointments were made to the Tourist Commission. Ray 
Chesney, Scott Upchurch and Dwight Gregory were reappointed for one-
year terms. Brandy Lee and Micki Simmons were reappointed to two year 
    In other action, the court:
    • Heard a presentation of county health data by Shannon Beaty, with 
the Wayne County Health Department.
    • Approved the tax settlement for the Wayne County Sheriff's 
    • Declared several air packs and breathing apparatus used by the 
fire department as surplus property.
    • Received a copy of the audit report.
    • Agreed to advertise to include an extension of Redbud Lane into 
the county road system.
    • Agreed to advertise the adoption of Kings Court, off O.P. Link 
Road, into the county road system.
    • Heard a monthly report from Wayne County Jailer Ronnie Ellis who 
stated that the current population at the jail is 199, which includes 
132 state inmates and 67 county inmates. For the month of May they 
billed $135,200.76 for housing inmates.
    • Heard a monthly report from Solid Waste Coordinator Tim Bell who 
said that white goods were collected at 99 households in May, 
bringing the total for the year to 380. Litter Abatement covered 106 
miles and collected 447 bags of garbage last month.
    • Heard a monthly report from Wayne County EMS Director Bubby Corder 
who said the ambulance service answered 274 calls in May which brings 
the total for the year to 1,289.
    cluded 58-year-old Roger Meece, of Somerset, for operating a motor 
vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc. and reckless 
    Also, 46-year-old Gary Webb, of Lancaster, was charged with 
operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, 
etc., no motorcycle operators license and reckless driving.
    Water patrols Friday night on Lake Cumberland led to four arrests 
and those individuals included 49-year-old Ricky Miller, of 
Independence, for operating a motor boat while intoxicated or under 
the influence and two other charges.
    Tracie Brown, 47,of Pee Wee Valley and 46 year old Christine Brown, 
of Louisville, were each charged with boating under the influence and 
failure to operate at an idle speed in a congested area.
    Zachery Stivers, 24, of Louisville, was charged with alcohol 
intoxication in a public place and disorderly conduct.
    Some individuals were additionally charged with sitting on the bow 
while boats were operational, no navigational lights, no fire 
extinguisher or improper fire extinguishers, as well as no life 
jackets or insufficient flotation devises.
    Those arrested Thunder Run weekend were lodged in the Wayne, Russell and Pulaski County Detention Centers. The next big events on Lake Cumberland will be Independence Day, July 4 weekend, followed by Raft Up in August and the Poker Run in September.

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