Several construction delays at the new soccer field and track complex

on the Wayne County campus means that is it likely games won't be

played there this fall as originally planned.

        During a meeting held on Tuesday, July 9, Wayne County school board

members were updated about some of the problems that have been

encountered during recent construction at the site.

        Superintendent Wayne Roberts said plans were to seed the site but

stumbling blocks have prevented that from happening so far.

        There was also a discussion regarding using sod on the field. Roberts

said he had met with soccer coaches last week and the plan is to sow

grass this fall.

        Other issues have arisen regarding the construction, including water

which flooded portions of the campus including the middle school

during a heavy rainfall.

        Engineers have been taking another look at the way they are routing

excess water.

        Currently, all excess water is routed to the eastern part of the

campus, under Main Street and into the creek.

        Roberts said that engineers are recommending that the water from the

soccer field and track area be routed to the western portion of the


        The board approved a $130,000 change order for the project so

additional underground work can be done to solve the drainage problem.

        Roberts also updated board members regarding the ongoing negotiations

with the two contractors who submitted bids for the track and soccer


        Board members agreed during last month's meeting that both bids were

higher than anticipated and authorized Roberts to enter competitive

negotiations with the companies to get the project down to a more

reasonable scope.

        During last week's meeting, he said it appears that the electrical

portion of the project seems to be causing the inflated prices at this


        While the project does not include actually installing lights at the

field, it does include laying conduit and preparing for lighting which

could be installed later.

        Roberts plans to meet with the low bidder for the project this week

to continue negotiations. He said if it is necessary school officials

could award individual packages to subcontractors and actually

coordinate the entire project. He will bring more specific details

back to the board later.

        Also during the meeting, the board reviewed and discussed House Bill

11, which basically prohibits the use of all tobacco products and

vaping products on campus. Roberts explained that KSBA has already

included this in policies for school districts, and it is state law.

        The only decision that the board could make in regard to the policy

is whether to enact it now or wait until July 1, 2020 to make it

effective. The board opted to wait until next year, which would allow

employees to prepare for the change.

        In other action, the board:

        • Approved new graduation requirements for the Class of 2023 and beyond.

        • Agreed to pay alt32 $13,577.75 for professional services for the

new Wayne County Area Career and Technology Center.

        • Approved a pay application in the amount of $438,061 for the ATC project.

        • Declared several buses as salvage property.

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