Knoxville, Tenn. was the host of the 41st Junior Olympic Games. There

were 14,000 athletes who competed in 23 sports.

The Cardinal Wrestling Club was one of the 24 teams to compete in the

wrestling part of the games.

The Cardinal Club competed in team competition from Sunday, July

29-Friday, August 3. Teams were present from Michigan, Ohio, Virginia,

Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Dakota, Tennessee and


The Cardinal Club finished the week 15th overall in the 24 team field.

The Cardinal Club was the only community or school team to compete in the

tournament. All other teams were All-Star teams with wrestlers from

different schools. The team's roster consisted of the following wrestlers.

98 lbs. Dalton Hasselbring, 103 lbs. Luke Troxell, 112 lbs. Travis

Sullivan, 119 lbs. Bryan Daniels, 125 lbs. Cody Vinsant, 130 lbs. Aaron

Dodd, 135 lbs. Korey Smith, 145 Kacy Kennedy, 160 lbs. Matthew Sullivan, 171

lbs. Billy Floyd, 189 lbs. Coty Sloan, 189 lbs. Cody Mink, 215 lbs. Tyler

Pace, 285 lbs. Brandon Beck

The team finished with seven wins and losses for the week. The Club had

nine medal winners for the tournament. The following is a list of winners by

weight class.

Dalton Hasselbring, 98 lbs., 4th place; Luke Troxell, 103 lbs., 3rd

place; Travis Sullivan, 112 lbs., 1st place; Bryan Daniels, 119 lbs., 2nd

place; Cody Vinsant, 125 lbs., 2nd place; Billy Floyd, 171 lbs., 4th place;

Coty Sloan, 189 lbs., 4th place; Tyler Pace, 215 lbs., 3rd place; Brandon

Bell, 285 lbs., 2nd place.

The two top wrestlers in each weight class are named AAU Freestyle

All-Americans. The Cardinal Club had four wrestlers named to the

All-American status: Travis Sullivan, Bryan Daniels, Cody Vinsant and

Brandon Bell.

The Cardinal Club is coached each year by Eugene Floyd, with Danny

Upchurch serving as the state advisor.

The club appreciates all the people and businesses who sponsor the team

each year.

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