Vito Tisdale's explosiveness is what immediately stands out to high 
level coaches when they see him play and why he has college 
scholarship offers from some of the nation's best programs.
    "His explosiveness just jumps out at you," said Bowling Green Coach 
Mark Spader. "He's primarily being recruited as a strong safety and 
that's where I would envision him playing in college. Tennessee might 
want him to run the ball but on defense he covers so much ground and 
arrives very violently."
    Alabama, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, 
Texas A&M, Ohio State and Louisville are some of the scholarship 
offers that the 6-2, 185-pound Tisdale has. He's ranked as the sixth 
best safety nationally in the 2020 recruiting class by 247Sports and 
fourth by
    He rushed for 849 yards and scored 13 touchdowns last year because 
Spader felt his team needed Tisdale on offense. Bowling Green 
finished 9-3.
    "An ankle injury screwed him up the last third of the season," 
Spader said.
    Tisdale will move to safety for his senior season with the coach's 
son, a two-year starter at strong safety, moving over to offense.
    "I am excited to get Vito back over on defense, but he will get to 
do a lot of different things. He will touch the ball on punt return, 
kick return. We will still have some packages (on offense) for him 
because he's too good not to use," Spader said. "We want to make sure 
he always has a taste of the ball."
    Spader expects Tisdale to make his college choice before the season 
begins with significant impact from his father, a former triple 
option fullback at Bowling Green.
    "I think they have an idea now about their top schools," Spader 
said. "I think Vito likes part of recruiting. He understands how 
important this decision will be for him. He's made a number of visits 
and seemed pleased but he's holding his cards close to him. He's not 
released any kind of list of top schools yet. I think his big fear is 
that he does not want to mess this up."
    Spader said Kentucky coach Mark Stoops and recruiting coordinator 
Vince Marrow have done an "outstanding" job recruiting his star but 
so have several other schools.
    "Alabama is right in there with UK just as hot and heavy," Spader 
said. "Texas A&M has been in here a lot and talks to him a lot. Coach 
(Lincoln) Riley from Oklahoma and him have developed an odd 
relationship. He went to a 7 on 7 event there with a team out of 
Tennessee and they hit it off. A number of others schools are hot on 
him, too. Louisville with its new staff has tried to jump in late and 
has shown they really want him. Western Kentucky would love to have 
him and understands the magnitude of the offers he has but has made 
it clear they would love to have him."
    Spader said Tisdale gets a lot of mail and contact from coaches as 
he's trying to set a summer schedule. He's already visited Alabama 
and Kentucky. The coach thinks if Texas A&M is "heavy on his list" 
that he should visit there.
    "He needs to meet potential teammates and see his comfort level with 
them. I have impressed that on him," Spader said.
    The Bowling Green coach admits he doesn't follow social media 
closely but knows some recent Kentucky commits have reached out to 
    "Some of the guys that have committed there he has a comfort level 
with and is happy they made their decisions," Spader said. "He 
doesn't say a lot. He loves playing but he does not like to be the 
center of attention and doesn't relish doing interviews."
    Tisdale had an "outstanding" academic year as a junior to make sure 
he was ready academically for college.
    "He did not have a great year academically as a freshman but he has 
battled back," Spader said. "He will be a qualifier (academically). 
He has confidence academically now in what he can do."
Daniel loves to fish
    Growing up in Paintsville, Kash Daniel was a three-sport standout 
and now has become a starting linebacker at Kentucky. However, he's 
never lost his love for fishing.
    "I have fished as long as I can remember. I hunt when I can, but 
fishing is always on my mind. I love fishing and that's always been 
my thing," Daniel said.
    Daniel says there are a lot of things he cannot control in football 
or life. Fishing helps compensate for that.
    "When I am not fishing I am this guy so full of energy and 
enthusiasm. That's just how I go about things," Daniel said. "Fishing 
for me is that counter balance. No cell service. It's just the boat, 
the fishing rod and the birds chirping.
    "Fishing can be stressful. It can be very competitive. I started 
fishing when I was just a little guy and have done tournament fishing 
since I was about 7 or 8."
    Daniel even grew up watching professional fishermen on television 
and even thought about him one day being a pro angler.
Cobb is versatile player
    Randall Cobb viewed himself as a quarterback coming to college after 
his outstanding prep career in Alcoa, Tenn., and did start four games 
at quarterback his freshman season at UK for coach Rich Brooks. His 
sophomore year he played mainly receiver but also returned punts and 
kicks and held for field goals and extra points.
    His junior season, Joker Phillips became the new head coach after 
Brooks retired. Cobb became the first UK player to have a rushing, 
passing and receiving touchdown in a game since Shane Boyd in 2003 
and also tied the school record for career touchdowns with 32.
    "Because of my pride, I wanted to be a quarterback and made that 
known," Cobb said. "The coaching staff helped me see that I could 
have a longer NFL career at receiver. I eventually believed them and 
it has worked out like they said."
    It has worked out so well that Cobb played eight years for the Green 
Bay Packers and had 470 catches in 105 NFL games for 5,524 yards — an 
average of 11.8 yards per catch — and 75 touchdowns. After missing 
seven games with injuries last season, the Packers did not re-sign 
him and he landed a one-year, $5-million contract with Dallas.
    Cobb knows he still has Brooks to thank for "only" making $5 million 
this year.
    "Coach Brooks had a huge impact on my life. I would probably not be 
where I am at if not for him," Cobb said. "He shot me straight and 
told you how things were going to be. I valued his opinion a lot as 
an 18 and 19 year old kid, and still do.
    "I am thankful for having him in my life. We still talk. He came up 
to a game two years ago and him and his wife came to dinner after the 
game. He was at my wedding back in 2017."
Cousins plays significant role for Warriors
    I am not sure how many people really thought DeMarcus Cousins could 
play a significant role with Golden State this season. He had torn 
his Achilles in late January of 2018 while playing for New Orleans 
and was just starting to play again when he tore his quad in mid-
April in the second game of the playoffs.
    Yet he was in the starting lineup in the Finals — he had a double-
double in his first start — and says he never worried about what 
might happen.
    He doesn't feel sorry for himself over working so hard to come back 
from his Achilles injury and then going down with a quad injury not 
long after he finally got back to playing again.
    "Fairness doesn't really play a part in this sport. Fairness doesn't 
really play a part in life, honestly, but these are the cards I was 
dealt and all I can do is deal with it however it comes. So I'll make 
the best of the situation, which I've tried to do," Cousins said. 
"Yes, it was tough dealing with the Achilles injury and then 
overcoming that and then, boom, coming back with another one, but 
that's just the cards I was dealt.
    "I would be lying to say  when it happened I wasn't thinking to 
myself, why me or why now or whatever the case may be, but I'm a firm 
believer in everything happens for a reason. God's got a plan for me. 
So I got to be patient and my turn will come around. So just got to 
be patient.
    "I don't take any of this for granted. I've seen how quick this game 
can be taken away from you. So every chance I get to go out there and 
play, I'm going to leave it on the floor."
Football players visit Ethiopia
    Kentucky football players Landon Young, Boogie Watson and Calvin 
Taylor Jr. said their May mission trip to Ethiopia left a lasting 
impression on them because of the work they did to try and help 
children there.
    However, the players also got to experience a few other new things, 
    They went to a resort with the Ethiopian children that had a lake 
and zoo and were given a chance to ride a camel right after the 
players, children and camels all had lunch.
    "There's not 300-pounders in Ethiopia, and that camel had never seen 
what was coming at him," the 324-pound Young said.
    Watson had a little different perception.
    "It was foaming at the mouth," Watson added.
    Young's camel didn't rush to give him a ride after finishing lunch.
    "It still wasn't done when I had to ride it after lunch, so it was 
hurting. It was very sore. You can ask (Boogie and Calvin), it tried 
to get up with me a couple of times before it finally did it. It was 
growling," Young said.
    Taylor had his own memorable experience trying to hold a goat and 
hoist it up to Young and Watson for transport.
    "I wouldn't say afraid (of the goat). The word I would use was 
cautious," Taylor said. "That was an experience, too. Just going over 
there I was a little nervous. I was a little nervous (with the goat). 
Eventually I did put it up there with Landon, but it was an 
experience to remember."
    Quote of the Week: "We have a group text with the team. I just let 
them know, put it out there that we're getting back to business, 
we've got another year," EJ Montgomery on how he told teammates he 
was taking his name out of the NBA Draft to return to Kentucky.
    Quote of the Week 2: "He was the player, he and Mike Phillips, that 
coach (Joe) Hall loved to chew on. It did not bother him. Now Mike 
was ready to fight the time coach Hall called us the ‘Foldup Five,'" 
former UK All-American guard Kyle Macy on how 1978 NCAA Final Four 
MVP Jack Givens could take criticism from coach Joe Hall.


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