Kentucky deer hunters will have a longer period in the field with 
their crossbows, after a proposal to expand the season went into 
effect May 31.
    The new crossbow season will open the third Saturday in September 
and close the third Monday in January. This year that time frame 
begins Sept. 21, 2019, and continues through Jan. 20, 2020.
    The proposal to lengthen the season went through the legislative 
process earlier this year after being approved by the Kentucky Fish 
and Wildlife Commission (board) late last year.
    The extension of the crossbow season is a way to tap into the 
popularity crossbow hunting has gained in recent years. Expanding the 
season provides additional opportunities, keeps hunters afield longer 
and helps manage the state's deer herd.
    With bag limits for deer in place, overharvest is not a concern. 
Biologists monitor deer harvest numbers annually to ensure the herd 
remains in good shape.
    The public may review up-to-date Telecheck harvest results anytime 
    This new regulation also allows all youth hunters - those ages 15 
and younger - to hunt deer with a crossbow during the entire archery 
    This mimics what the department already has in place for Kentucky 
residents who are age 65 and older.
    The archery season for deer opens the first Saturday in September 
and closes the third Monday in January.
    For new hunters, youths and people with physical limitations, 
crossbows can be less intimidating than other methods in terms of 
getting started, considering such factors as equipment costs and up-
front preparation time.
    This expanded crossbow season will create more opportunities for 

hunters to enjoy Kentucky's outstanding deer herd.

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