Even though it was a rainy day, the Wayne County Cross Country Team

managed to hold a very successful 5K St. Patty's Day Race and one mile fun

run on Saturday, March 15, which originated at the Justice Center.

Sadie Martin placed first in the one mile fun run with a time of 9:17.

Samantha Sexton won the Œfemale' 5K results with a time of 25:11 and the

Œmale' 5K results winner was Josh Haynes with a time of 18:39.

Besides inspiring 50 runners ages K-12th grade, as well as adults from

around Kentucky to run; the event provided a very worthwhile fundraiser to

help Wayne County's Cross Country sport in the upcoming season. The team

officially begins their season on July 15. But, in the meantime the runners

will start agility and weights when they return from spring break.

The school team has 38 boys and 27 girls, from a broad range of ages. It

has grown in the past few years under the leadership of Coach Kevin Jones

who added an elementary team a couple of years ago. He is assisted by Nikki

Criswell and Sheridan Wright.

The team is most recently known for placing two individuals‹Shelby Bell

and Samantha Sexton in the Cross Country State Championships last year.

Jones is looking forward to the boy's team being much improved in the

upcoming season. "Last year was the first year the majority of them had

participated and they have continued to run since the season was over."

"We also should have one of the top girl runners in our area in Samantha

Sexton," said Jones. "We will also look at bringing a few of our elementary

girl runners up and let them compete at the varsity level."

In the meantime, participating in activities like the local 5K race

proved to be a good preliminary experience for school runners and it helped

the team.

"The fundraiser was a huge success," according to Wayne County Schools

Cross Country Coach Kevin Jones. "It was a huge undertaking and we had a lot

of parents devote a lot of time and effort to make this a huge success."

Jones also wanted to especially thank some of the local businesses that

helped sponsor the race. The local sponsors included: Conley Bottom, Z-93,

Monticello Banking Company, West land Surveying, The Job Shop, McDonald's,

Subway, Cumberland Green, Kenneth Ramsey Insurance, Pizza Hut, La Hacienda

Mexican Restaurant, Glenna's Variety, Lyon's Plumbing and Electric, and

Action Motorsports.

The cross country team hopes to make this an annual event.

Following are the results from Wayne County Cross Country's St.

Patrick's Day 5K Run which was held in March.

1 Mile Fun Run Results

1. Sadie Martin, 9:17; 2. Kyle Hicks, 9:34; 3. Jessica Stephens, 10:01;

4. Nathan West, 10:06; 5. Justin Dunagan, 10:19

ŒFemale' 5K Results

1. Samantha Sexton, 25:11; 2. Lindsey Jones, 25:41; 3. Whitney Asberry,

29:07; 4. Leslie Randall, 29:51; 5. Lucy Gleason, 31:15; 6. Jessica

Phillips, 31:24; 7. Nisha West, 32:22; 8. Laurel Tinker, 32:33; 9. Jamie

Hutchinson, 32:36; 10. Melanie Jones, 32:56; 11. Mikki Simmons, 33:29; 12.

Sheila Sells, 38:21; 13. Lisa Palmer, 38:28.38; 14. Theresa Maggard,

38:28.73; Carolyn Anderson, 40:32; Patricia Hicks, 41:44; Misty Dowdy, 42:57

ŒMale' 5K Results

1. Josh Haynes, 18:39; 2. Shelby Bell, 21:57; 3. James Bullen, 22:11; 4.

Michael Roberts, 22:45; 5. Allen Duvall, 22:52; 6. Bryan Goff, 22:59; 7.

Noah Shadbuine, 23:35; 8. Gene Anderson, 23:44; 9. Todd Morgan, 24:11; 10.

Sherman Hensley, 24:13; 11. Aaron Rousseau, 24:24; 12. Jackie Dennis, 24:25;

13. Jeff Bishop, 24:32; 14. David Frazier, 24:36; 15. Charlie Denney, 24:58;

16. Ronnie McGinnis, 24:59; 17. Cain Roberts, 25:08; 18. Alvik Ibisate,

25:17; 19. Curtis Tinker, 25:23; 20. Ronnie Sexton, 25:54; 21. Travis

Upchurch, 26:48; 22. David Hines, 27:16; 23. Greg Smith, 29:38; 24. Zachary

West, 32:41; 25. Alex McFarland, 33:01; 26. Joseph Sells, 38:21

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