The Wayne County Wrestling team traveled to Columbia on January 25
They competed at Lindsey Wilson College in the KYWCA small school 
state duals.
    The Mat Cards defeated Ashland Paul Blazer and No. 4 Louisville 
DeSales in pool action to advance to the semi finals. The Cardinal 
team fell to No. 1 Union County.
    The Mat Cards wrestled No. 3 Walton Verona for third place losing 
39-37 to take fourth overall in the state duals, The Mat Cards 
finished the day 28-13 overall on the season.
    Scores from Saturday:
    Wayne Co. 42 Ashland 39
    Wayne Co. 42 Lou. DeSales 40
    Wayne Co. 6  Union Co. 70 Semi final
    Wayne Co. 37 Walton Vernoa39 3rd place match
    Top four Teams
    1. Union Co.; 2. Larue Co.; 3. Walton Vernoa; 4. Wayne Co.
Walton Verona (WV) 39.0 Wayne County (WAYN) 37.0
    160 lb. Kurtis Karr (WAYN) over Ben Teipe (WV) (Fall 1:22)
    170 lb. Luke Hyden (WV) over Dustin Vaughn (WAYN) (Fall 2:19)
    182 lb. Colton Maines (WV) over Bailey Jones (WAYN) (Dec. 8-1)
    195 lb. Brandon Gibson (WV) over Andrew Sanders (WAYN) (Fall 1:31)
    220 lb. Daulton Mayer (WV) over (WAYN) (For.)
    HWT: Jordan Fynn (WAYN) over (WV) (For.)
    106 lb.  Colin Tucker (WAYN) over TJ Meyer (WV) (Fall 1:37)
    113 lb. Keelan Dick (WAYN) over Mason Schweitzer (WV) (Fall 1:53)
    120 lb. Spencer Moore (WV) over (WAYN) (For.)
    126 lb. Conner Sexton (WAYN) over Hunter Isaacs (WV) (TF 16-0 4:22)
    132 lb. Dakota Karr (WAYN) over Peyton Mayer (WV) (Fall 2:46)
    138 lb. Sam Beckley (WAYN) over Christopher Harward (WV) (Dec. 4-3)
    145 lb. Tristen Spalding (WV) over Chrisitan Floyd (WAYN) (Fall 0:33)
    152 lb. Nathan Harward (WV) over David Vasquez (WAYN) (Fall 1:23) 
(WAYN unsportmanlike -1.0)
Union County (UNIO) 70.0 Wayne County (WAYN) 6.0
    152 lb. Payne Carr (UNIO) over David Vasquez (WAYN) (Fall 0:00)
    160 lb. Dalton Russelburg  (UNIO) over Kurtis Karr (WAYN) (MD 14-6)
    170 lb. Stephen  Little (UNIO) over Dustin Vaughn (WAYN) (Fall 0:00)
    182 lb. Micah Ervin (UNIO) over Bailey Jones (WAYN) (Fall 0:00)
    195 lb. Corithian  Seales-Portee (UNIO) over Andrew Sanders (WAYN) 
(Fall 0:00)
    220 lb. Darius Moore (UNIO) over  (WAYN) (For.)
    285 lb. Matthias Ervin (UNIO) over Jordan Fynn (WAYN) (Fall 0:00)
    106 lb. Colin Tucker (WAYN) over Cameron Vincent (UNIO) (Fall 0:00)
    113 lb. Trayce Eckman (UNIO) over Keelan Dick (WAYN) (Fall 0:00)
    120 lb. Gavin Rickets (UNIO) over Conner Sexton (WAYN) (Dec. 5-4)
    126 lb. Glenn Mayes (UNIO) over Xavier Tello (WAYN) (Fall 0:00)
    132 lb. Gabe Adams (UNIO) over Dakota Karr (WAYN) (Fall 0:00)
    130 lb. Matthew Moore (UNIO) over Sam Beckley (WAYN) (Dec. 4-0)
    145 lb. Trevor Pogue (UNIO) over Chrisitan Floyd (WAYN) (Fall 0:00)
Wayne County (WAYN) 42.0 Desales (DESA) 40.0
    145 lb. Chrisitan Floyd (WAYN) over Sheadyn Kennedy (DESA) (Fall 
3:47)             152 lb. Jonas Rayman (DESA) over David Vasquez (WAYN) (MD 9-1)
    160 lb. Kurtis Karr (WAYN) over (DESA) (For.)
    170 lb. Carter Riley (DESA) over Dustin Vaughn (WAYN) (Fall 1:34)
    182 lb. Trenton Cantlon (DESA) over Bailey Jones (WAYN) (Fall 0:52)
    195 lb. Chandler Miller (DESA) over Devin Fitzpatrick (WAYN) (Fall 
    220 lb. Colby Stratman (DESA) over Andrew Sanders (WAYN) (Fall 5:30)
    285 lb. Dejuan  Watkins (DESA) over Jordan Fynn (WAYN) (Fall 0:36)
    106 lb. Colin Tucker (WAYN) over Dalen Lesshafft (DESA) (Fall 3:00)
    113 lb. Keelan Dick (WAYN) over Field Johnson (DESA) (Fall 1:28)
    120 lb. Conner Sexton (WAYN) over Hunter Pendley (DESA) (Fall 0:39)
    126 lb. Dakota Karr (WAYN) over Mason Lesshafft (DESA) (Fall 1:30)
    132 lb. Jalen Polin (DESA) over Xavier Tello (WAYN) (Fall 0:00)
    138 lb. Sam Beckley (WAYN) over Justus Marshall (DESA) (Fall 0:00)
Wayne County (WAYN) 42.0 Ashland Blazer (ABLZ) 39.0
    132 lb. Jarett Sanders (ABLZ) over Dakota Karr (WAYN) (Fall 4:57)
    138 lb. Sam Beckley (WAYN) over Cameron Wilson (ABLZ) (Fall 3:47)
    145 lb. Chrisitan Floyd (WAYN) over Cody Camp (ABLZ) (Fall 1:38)
    152 lb. David Vasquez (WAYN) over Ryan Billups (ABLZ) (Fall 2:24)
    160 lb. Kurtis Karr (WAYN) over Ethan Ratliff (ABLZ) (Fall 0:34)
    170 lb. Kolby Coburn (ABLZ) over Bailey Jones (WAYN) (Fall 1:12)
    182 lb. Jack Latherow (ABLZ) over Dustin Vaughn (WAYN) (Fall 2:34)
    195 lb. Triston Rayburn (ABLZ) over Andrew Sanders (WAYN) (Dec. 7-5)
    220 lb. Zaine  Christian (ABLZ) over  (WAYN) (For.)
    HWT: John Stone (ABLZ) over Kaisean Davis (WAYN) (Fall 0:50)
    106 lb. Colin Tucker (WAYN) over Troy Gardner (ABLZ) (Fall 2:35)
    113 lb. Keelan Dick (WAYN) over Parker Williams (ABLZ) (Fall 0:51)
    120 lb. Conner Sexton (WAYN) over Ethan May (ABLZ) (Fall 0:32)
    126 lb. Kaleb Lovins (ABLZ) over Xavier Tello (WAYN) (Fall 2:11)
    The team will be back in action at home on Wednesday, January 29 
when they wrestle Knox Central.
    This will be senior night for the Mat Cards. Starting time is 7 p.m. 

at the Rodney Woods Gymnasium.

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