The Wayne County Baseball Team celebrated a successful season with a recent awards banquet.

    Seniors Dagan Shelton and Kyle Gehring were named Co-MVP's for the team.

    Other awards presented during the event were:

    • JV Award—Eli Landreth, Ethan McDonald , Nick Tittle and Andreas Haugsbo

    • Team First Award—Colton Hatfield and Jon Doss

    • Coaches Award—Quinton East and Ridge Hancock

    • Overcoming Adversity Award—Steven Hall

    • Most Improved—Ryan Corder and Drew Miniard

    • Most Stolen Bases—Landon Hutchison

    • Highest On Base Percentage—Ryan Corder

    • Leadership Award—Drew Miniard

    • Most Versatile Award—Kyle Gehring

    • Pitching Award—Nick Gillespie

    • Rookie Award—Jon Criswell, Logan Gardner, Nathan Garner and Nick Gillespie

    • "Sacrifice Award"—Ryan Corder

    • Small Ball Award—Tanner Bell

    Gold Glove Awards—Infield-Trey Blevins; Outfield-Tanner Bell and Drew Miniard

    • Base Running  Award—Trey Blevins

    • Most Runs Scored and Most Triples—Tanner Bell

    • Highest Batting Average,  Most Home Runs and Most RBI's—Dagan Shelton

    • ".300" Club—Landon Hutchison,  .326

    • ".350" Club—Ryan Corder. .398,  Kyle Gehring, .398,  Trey Blevins,  .388

    • "400" Club—Dagan Shelton, .418,  Tanner Bell, .407

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