Officials with the Kentucky Humane Society and several organizations 
visited a farm at Griffin on Thursday, May 7 to check the condition 
of horses on the property. Jacqueline Helton was charged in 
connection with animal cruelty earlier in the week after malnourished and dead horses were found on the property.
    A Somerset woman, Jacqueline D. Helton, was arrested Monday, May 4 
and charged with 44 counts of cruelty to animals and other charges in 
connection with an incident that occurred in the Griffin community of 
Wayne County.
    Kentucky State Trooper Matt Parmley stated that last week Helton 
unlawfully committed 44 counts of cruelty to animals second degree, 
25 counts of quarantine violations and two counts of disposal methods 
requirements regarding dead animals. Parmley received a complaint 
from a landowner who was leasing Helton his property in regard to the 
health and well being of the horses that belonged to her.
    Helton  was cited by the Department of Agriculture regarding the 
illegal importation of horses from out of state without proper blood 
work and coggins papers.
    The initial 19 horses were quarantined to the property and Helton 
was not allowed to add to or take out any of the herd without the 
proper paperwork.
    Parmley and an officer with the Department of Agriculture along with 
the landowner walked the entire property totaling approximately 30 
    There was a total of 44 horses alive on the property. There were 
four dead horses, according to the warrant.
    Two dead horses were found that had been there longer than 48 
hours, which is the time you have to properly dispose of or bury dead 
    Numerous officials have been notified and are assisting with the 
case due to Helton's alleged history of similar issues in Kentucky 
and other states.
    According to Parmley, officials were back on the scene on Thursday, 
May 7 and there were no new developments, other than Helton 
voluntarily relinquishing 10 horses to the Humane Society.
    The horses they were able to catch were reportedly in the worst 
condition. There will be more moved, placed and rehabilitated in the 
near future.
    Helton faced similar charges in the past. In 2015, she was charged 
with animal cruelty but the counts were dropped after she completed 
diversion.    Helton was scheduled for arraignment this week in Wayne District Court.

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