The number of active COVID-19 cases in Wayne County remains at zero, according to information released by the Lake Cumberland District Health Department on Thursday, May 21.

    Wayne County has experienced a total of eight cases overall and all 
eight have recovered from the virus.
    In their report on Thursday, officials with the district health 
department reported no new deaths in the 10 counties they cover. They 
also noted that seven people were released from home isolation, so at 
this time 82 percent of the confirmed cases in this area have recovered.
    There is a total of 15 current cases in the Lake Cumberland area. 
Neigh-boring Pulaski County had three of the four new cases that were 
confirmed on May 21. The fourth individual was from Adair County.
    The health department has clarified that the three Pulaski County 
cases are individuals who are recovered.
    Of the 15 cases active in the Lake Cumberland area, two patients are 
hospitalized, while 13 are self-isolated. The total number of deaths 
in this area is 24.
    During a session with area media on Wednesday, May 20, officials 
with the Lake Cumberland District Health Department answered a number 
of questions related to the governor’s efforts to reopen different 
aspects of business in the state.
    Following are several of the questions that were addressed during 
the meeting.
    •I know yard sales and similar gatherings were being advised 
against. Is that still the current guidance and is there any 
information on when yard sales or flea markets will be permitted?
    Flea Markets along with yard sales are part of the retail openings 
on May 20.
    • When and if the schools open back up in the fall, will the local 
health department monitor the guidelines that they are supposed to 
follow so our children will be safe?
    Yes. The schools must work with the local health department to 
develop their back to school plans. We will be an integral part in 
determining how the school will re-open.
    • Will the state help with supplying gloves and mask for business 
that reopen?
    We have had a shipment of cloth masks that were delivered to food 
service facilities last week. We expect another delivery this week 
that we will distribute. We were also able to distribute masks to 
governmental agencies.
    • Any guidelines yet on Daycare opening?
    As a parent I cannot return to work without childcare. We do not 
have any guidance as of today regarding how day cares will reopen. 
The guidance is usually published on the KY.COVID19.GOV website about week before the expected date of reopening.

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