The latest report from the Lake Cumberland Health Department, released Sunday, May 17, contained some good news for Wayne County. For the first time since Wednesday, March 25 there are no active cases of COVID-19.

    There have been eight total cases in this county so far, but at this 
point none are active. There have been no deaths from the virus in 
Wayne County.
    The 10-county area did have one new case to report on May 17, which 
was a 59-year-old man in Adair County. That makes a total of 205 
cases in the area, with 24 of those being current. Six patients are 
currently hospitalized and 18 are in self-isolation, according to the 
    Adair County continues to lead the district in cases with a total of 
93 so far. Nine of those cases remain current. There have been 14 
deaths in Adair County, where COVID-19 spread rapidly through an 
elderly care facility.
    In their report issued Sunday, official with the Lake Cumberland 
District Health Department addressed the number of reports they have 
received about people not complying with safety guidelines.
    "Some people are mistakenly equating the fact that things are 
starting to reopen with the assumption that the situation is now 
safe," the report states. "Some thing the coronavirus situation was 
overblown. Some are restless and ready for things to be normal."
    The report cautions that everyone should stay vigilant and be safe 
their themselves and their families. Avoid crows as much as possible, 
wash yours hands with soap and water often and wear a mask in public.    Anyone who has a fever or is coughing should stay at home.

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