There are always many decisions that need to be made by school 
districts, as one school year ends and planning for another one 
begins. Add in all the issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic—which 
pre-empted the 2019-2020 school year in March—and the challenge is 
even greater.
    The Wayne County Board of Education met on Thursday, May 21 and took one of the initial steps required by the state for the next school 
year. They adopted three different calendars for the school year, 
with opening dates reflecting scenarios that could occur as this 
country continues to make adjustments for the coronavirus.
    Superintendent Wayne Roberts told board members that the governor 
has requested that each district adopt the alternative calenders, 
which includes one with an early start date, another with a more 
traditional start date and a third with a later start date.
    Wayne County board members had already approved a traditional 
calendar with the first day of classes set for August 12.
    Another alternative calendar sets the first day of classes for July 
22 and a third alternative sets September 9 as the first day of school.
    Roberts said the district is waiting on more guidelines about the 
new school year, before any final decisions are made.
    He referred board members to the Kentucky Department of Education’s 
lengthy document provided to districts regarding the reopening of 
    They are still working through the document and discussing specific 
actions that will need to be taken in the new school year.
    Roberts indicated that he may look for some parent input before any 
final decisions is made regarding the calendar for the next school year.
    Also during the meeting, the board took action regarding the 
numerous construction projects that are ongoing on campus. They 
approved a pay application for the Wayne County Area Career and 
Technology Center, as well as the project closeout documents.
    Roberts noted that the work at the former vocational school building 
is moving along very quickly. That building is being renovated as a 
district services building.
    The board approved a pay application for that project, as well as 
several change orders. They also review and approved a proposal for a 
new roof for the building, which was not included in the original 
plans for the renovation.
    Payment was also made regarding the track and soccer field project. 
The board approved a bid for a sewer line at the track and soccer field.
    In other action, the board:
    • Approved the contract with Cumberland Family Medical Center, Inc. 
for 2020-2021.
    • Approved the tentative budget for the next school year.
    • Approved the District Technology Plan.
    • Approved the 2020-2021 Student Code of Conduct.


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