We've scrolled, clicked and refreshed, and we're pretty sure this is how the Internet is spending its Monday. 

1. Twelve-year-old Ryan Gosling. M.C. Hammer pants. 1992.

Mr. Gosling, any comment? 

"Obviously I peaked early."

2. Let your inner middle-schooler rejoice: The Reebok Pump is back.

Reebok ZPump

First released in 1989, the legendary sneaker has seen a Millennial makeover, but the functionality is essentially the same as when Dee Brown pumped up to win the 1991 Slam Dunk contest. 

The ZPump will hit stores Tuesday with a $110 price tag. 

3. An internet meme is one thing. But a park sign—that's when you know you've made it. 

Yep, a park in the London borough where the adorable woodpecker-riding weasel that stole the world's heart last week (even though it was technically trying to kill it) took flight is now proudly touting itself as home of the viral vermin. 

Congrats, #WeaselPecker

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