The old Wayne County High School building has been included on the National Register of Historic Places, following a meeting last week by the Kentucky Historic Preser-vation Review Board in Louisville.

    The school, which has been known in more recent years as A.J. Lloyd Middle School, was one of 15 sites in Kentucky approved by the board during the meeting.

    Erected in 1939-1941 with funds provided by the Works Progress Adminis-tration (WPA), the school played a significant role in education in the community, according to information provided in the nomination to the board.

    As noted in the publication "Education in Wayne County, 1909-1965,"  

the school reshaped the delivery of public education in the county.

    "Previously education had occurred in four separate high schools scattered throughout the county," the book noted. "The decision to build a single high school for the whole county, in Monticello, helped solidify the town's county seat status. Also at this time, Wayne County was transitioning from an insular rural society into one aware of possibilities beyond its borders—for travel and job opportunities. The educational advantages given by a consolidated high school provided students with an ability to conceive of life away from Wayne County and an education upon which to begin that journey."

    The National Register is the nation's official list of historic and archeological resources deemed worthy of preservation. With nearly 3,300 listings, Kentucky has the fourth highest number in the nation.

    Listing can be applied to buildings, objects, structures, districts and archeological sites. Proposed sites must be significant in architecture, engineering, American history or culture, or possess a special role in the development of the country.

    National Register status does not affect property ownership rights but does provide a measure of protections against adverse impacts from federal funded projects.  Owners of National Register properties may qualify for federal or state tax credits for certified rehabilitation of these properties.

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