Colson Jack Russell and his wife, Sharon, were outside their South

Second Street home on Saturday, July 7, when they received disturbing news

from a couple who were driving by the residenceā€¹there was a fire. It was

that couple who likely saved the Russell home from being destroyed.

"They were God-sent and me and my wife want to thank them from the

bottom of our hearts," said Russell.

The problem is that the Russells didn't know the identity of the couple.

It was dark and they did not recognize the truck or the couple inside. And

in the hectic minutes after learning of the fire they didn't have time to

stop and ask for names.

"I started fighting the fire," said Russell, as he talked about the

events that began at about 11:45 p.m. that night.

He said he fought the fire with a pan of water until the Monticello Fire

Department arrived a few minutes later. While the bedroom area, where the

fire began, sustained some damage, Russell is just thankful that his wife

and his six-year-old daughter weren't asleep in the room, as they normally

would have been at that time of the evening.

"The fire was right next to where they sleep," said Russell.

Monticello Fire Chief Steve Ferrell said the police department was

contacted in regard to the suspicious fire. Kentucky State Police Detective

Henry Nunn, who is an arson investigator, visited the site last week.

The fire at the Russell residence is one of five fires in that area that

are under investigation by the Monticello Police Department and Kentucky

State Police. Though officials haven't released any details regarding the

cause of the blaze, Russell said he believes the fire was set.

Monticello Police Chief Ralph Miniard confirmed that all the fires under

investigation involve either homes or mobile homes. He said the Russell

residence was the only one that was occupied at the time of the fire.

Russell stated that an accelerant was used and thrown into the bedroom

of his home. Miniard said that lab results are not currently available.

The police department does have some leads in the investigation, but no

suspect has been identified. Anyone with any information regarding the fires

should contact the police department or Kentucky State Police.

At the Russell home, a window has had to be replaced and some other

repairs have been made to the area damaged by fire. But to the Russells the

most important thing is that no one was injured.

They have a lot to be thankful for.

"Those good folks were sent to help us," said Russell. "We just want

them to know what they did for us."

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