Coming off their 38-27 win over Madison Southern, the Cardinals will  

travel to Lincoln County on Friday September 16. The Cards will test  

their skills against a very good team in Lincoln County.

    "Lincoln is another well tested team in terms of having a brutal  

schedule playing the likes of Anderson County, Danville, Washington  

County and Garrard County which all are good football teams," said  

Coach Shawn Thompson.

    Lincoln County is 0-4 at this point but really is a lot better than  

that. Lincoln plays a very aggressive 44 on defense and on the  

offense side of the ball they run a lot of different sets on offense.

    "Lincoln will run anything from the spread to power offense to keep  

the defense guessing," said Thompson.  Lincoln is blessed to have  

great size up front on both sides of the ball.

    "Their quarterback is one that can stretch you out as he has the  

ability to run on top of his great passing abilities," said Thompson.

    Once again the Cardinal defense will be tested against a great  

running back that has great speed and is able to see the whole field.

    Keys for the Cardinals to bring home a victory and become 5-0 are:  

everyone on defense must play their assignment, defense must turn up  

the intensity, offense must do a better job of protecting the  

football and must do a better job in the passing game.

    So everyone come out and make the trip to Lincoln County to support  

the Wayne County Cardinals (4-0). The wise words of Coach Thompson  

"Always compete!"

    Details on this and upcoming match-ups in next week's edition of The  


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